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Arlen Ness Mini Oval Micro Mirror Arlen Ness Mini Oval Micro Mirror Flash "Their on and look great just what I wanted"
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KTM PowerParts Racing Mirror KTM PowerParts Racing Mirror Grumpybutaccurate - Denver, CO, USA Get what you pay for, I guess. "The stem of this mirror is too short. I have it mounted as far outboard as I can, and 60% of the image that I can see in the mirror is of my forearm. Next, the stem of this mirror is so flimsy that the mirror shakes and wags about from vibrations even on smooth roads (even though my front forks are heavy duty downhill forks, and I have the suspension setup very soft), so that the 40% of the image that isn't my forearm is so shaken up that I can only tell that a car is behind me if their headlights are on. Finally, the clamp that holds the mirror to the bars is soft plastic. The mirror kept sagging down from where I had it positioned, and I ended up stripping out the threads in the plastic clamp before it clamped tight enough on the mirror stem for it to stay in place. This product is garbage, save up a little more money and buy something higher quality."
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