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Honda Genuine Accessories Seat Bag Honda Genuine Accessories Seat Bag Debz - Australia Great tail bag "Ive had this tail bag 5 years now its been on the back of a kawasaki 250, gixxer 600, Vfr 1200 and now another gsxs 1000. Im a daily commuter and find its great size for all my clothes shoes and lunch for work. The stiff sides and top holds its shape the soft underside molds to the seat. Installation is easy, seat strap is easy it fits around rear seat and stay in place the other is attached to the bolts under the seat. This allows for easy clip on and go. This bag has been through a rigorous time recently and getting shabby im seriously considering buying same again, nothing I've seen yet compares with ease of clip on and off as this bag."
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Nelson-Rigg Adventure Dry Bag Nelson-Rigg Adventure Dry Bag SoloBueno17 Cheap components... "Geared up for my first coast to coast and got the Nelson tank bag and this large dry bag to put on my 1997 monster. Everything fit and worked great! The placement & fit on the bike worked perfect for long days. Fit all the gear I needed. But thing that ruins any good to it... the buckles/clips that are used to close & compress bag down are made of flimsy CHEAP plastic that splits right apart on manufacturing seams! If metal, or more quality plastic buckles were used, this would be an awesome bag! But when your 3 days into a 20 day moto trip & your main luggage needs to be held together with zips ties, that's no good.."
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