REV'IT! Cruiser Waterproof Suit

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REV'IT! Pacific 2 H2O One-Piece Rain Suit REV'IT! Pacific 2 H2O One-Piece Rain Suit Juan - Tennessee, USA As advertised... "Received item from Motosport very quickly and in excellent packaging conditions. The rain suit is slightly oversized to allow wearing over riding paraphernalia, however not too large that it would feel uncomfortable if gear is light. I have not used in rain yet but getting in and out of suit is reasonably easy even with shoes on, there is plenty of adjustment options to minimize wind buffeting. Good reflective markings and very bright color, I'm sure I'll be seen under the direst conditions. Carrying pouch is a cylinder thus bulky and a bit impractical. I'll look for a flat carrying pouch so that this won't take too much real state in my saddlebags. All in all, a great riding accessory. I'll write again once I've used in the rain."
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