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Oxford Cruiser Turn Signals

Applied Refinements



Most Recent Turn Signals Reviews

Oxford Nano Eyeshot LED Indicator Oxford Nano Eyeshot LED Indicator MotoEnthusiast - Denver, CO Good except.... "Good except when I paired these with my Clear alternatives taillight I intstalled, the blinking portion of the taillight didn't work. However, these turn signals worked perfectly, it just threw off the blinking sequence of the tiallight. 0-10 I would probably rate these on BRIGHTNESS at a 7. Not too blinding, but not at an excessive level of brightness as well."
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Oxford Nano Eyeshot LED Indicator Oxford Nano Eyeshot LED Indicator ChrisDAC - Massachusetts, USA Excellent Product "Look, folks... there's a reason why these LED signals are priced the way they are... it's because you get what you pay for! These signals are small and brilliantly bright. Appreciably brighter than my last set of LED signals. I could see the reflection of the signal from the freeway signage during a rainstorm at a range of about 150m. They install easily. Instructions for use are clear and understandable. Highly recommended. The one thing I would request - for the price, it would be nice if they supply the required adapter plate for your specific motorcycle. (Fortunately, I already had a set of adapter plates). If you're replacing stock signals, MAKE SURE you order the adapter plates for your bike! Definitely a requirement"
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