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Oxford Cruiser Helmet Accessories

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Oxford Huff Anti-Fog Face Mask Oxford Huff Anti-Fog Face Mask Jrivv Doesn't work well, not worth returning "I haven't use this at all for riding. It doesn't work well. My glasses fog up with it, and it's not worth using for the visor. It requires an extraneous amount of adjusting, and when you do adjust so it kind of reduces fog, his is extremely uncomfortable. I can't tolerate the feeling of it on my nose. It makes full faces even more claustrophobic. It makes the helmet even more tight, which leads to head discomfort. The included velcro and overall mounting system is attrocious and usless. The velcro would not stick on my helmet liner. The mask on its own wouldn't stick anywhere. I had to use different velcro, and it was futile, because the mask is ineffective. I didn't even bother returning it because motosport charges $7 to return the item and I paid $13 to to receive it. The item only cost $17... Not worth returning. Maybe this will work for others, but all it was, was a waste of $30. Probably should have tried the respro foggy mask intstead."
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Oxford Huff Anti-Fog Face Mask Oxford Huff Anti-Fog Face Mask CorenS - CorenS Keeps you toasty! "This product really helped me out through the winter. Took a bit to get used to it at first, but wow it really keeps you warm! Only issue I have is I always left it in my helmet and over time I found the metal nose bridge piece would scratch my forehead when removing it. all and all though its easy to install and get adjusted, and worth it for when its 30 or below."
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