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MAC Performance Fat Stakkers Exhaust System MAC Performance Fat Stakkers Exhaust System Jerry - OKC Great sound, Questionalble quality "Just to make it clear I did read the description on these pipes, particularly the note on discoloration. I bought them anyway. I love the sound, loud and deep. The fit was pretty good, the front pipe is well positioned, the rear not so much. The bend coming out of the rear cylinder extends a bit too much so that when you plant your right foot your inside thigh rests right on top of the pipe. I thought my leg was burning the first time I put my foot down at a stop light. Now I only plant my left leg and keep my right foot up on the foot peg. The discoloration, although I understand it happens, was far more dramatic than I anticipated. The search was on for heat shields, after weeks of searching, trial and error, returning a majority of them because they just didn't fit I did find a couple that would work but not for the rear pipe, which as stated above was the problem child. What I can say is that they are still on my bike and the heat shields cover most of the discoloration. Not a repeat buyer from this manufacturer."
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MAC Performance Fat Stakkers Exhaust System MAC Performance Fat Stakkers Exhaust System peaceman0 - Morehead, KY, USA bike sounds great "took about an hour to install flange bolts were not rite had to drill them out to make them fit blues realy fast sound great with or without the baffles realy loud pipes"
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MotoSport carries the most comprehensive catalog of products for your cruiser: daily commuters, new owners and riders who live for weekend excursions along back roads will find here the best cruiser products and the best prices.

Are you looking for hard-to-find cruiser parts, aftermarket or OEM? You're at the right place. We have so many products that you can customize and upgrade nearly every facet of your cruiser. You can even shop by make, model and year for specific parts and gear. We value your trust and we will do everything to get you the cruiser parts and accessories you need at affordable prices.

Whether you're looking for parts for the latest cruiser makes and models or for the classic hits, you will find them on OEM parts arrive factory directs and are checked by our gearhead team to make sure you'll get the highest quality. Looking for a specific cruiser model? No problem, select your bike and we will automatically filter our catalog to show you items that fit your bike.

On you will find a great selection of motorcycle hard parts, clothing and accessories at the lowest prices. From shields to jackets, tools to luggage, and communication devices to slip-ons - there are amazing markdowns on all our cruiser products that will meet your needs. We're proud of our free 3-day express shipping offer, expert customer service, and 90-day return policy that make us the easiest place to get your cruiser goods from.

Our categories of cruiser products include:

  • Cruiser Parts - Do you need sissy bars, controls, windshields or lighting? We have them, and more.
  • Cruiser Exhaust - Speed, style, sound or all of them!
  • OEM Parts - Honda, Kawasaki, KTM, Suzuki, Yamaha. All the best brands for your cruiser!
  • Cruiser Tires - The right tires at the right price. MotoSport carries tire combos, front tires, rear tires, inner tubes and tire tools, check them out.
  • Luggage and Racks - We've got gear bags, saddle bags, racks and hydration packs among other long haul items.
  • Riding Accessories - Motorcycle cover, electronic devices and tools to keep your bike in the best condition.
  • Cruiser Riding Gear - Rain gear, heated gear, gloves... everything you need for these long rides.
  • Helmets and Accessories - Helmets, replacement parts, accessories and helmet cameras, all at affordable prices!
  • Casual Apparel - Men, women and children gear.
  • Gifts - offers an incredible selection of gift items for avid riders.

Do you need cruiser parts and accessories? is here to assist. Order any of our products online and we'll ship right to your door. Want help? Call our toll free line 866-677-7338 or chat with an expert. Remember, we offer fast, free shipping on orders over $79.