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LS2 Cruiser Full Face

Most Recent Full Face Reviews

LS2 Stream Helmet - Axis LS2 Stream Helmet - Axis Anthony209 - Stockton Great for your money "So I have been buying cheap motorcycle helmets no more than $100. Went a little more than a hundred this time and I absolutely love my helmet. The venting I feel is good for your money. The features it comes with like the drop-down visor I think is good for your money. And being Dot Approved is great. I have no complaints with this helmet. It even fits my wireless earbuds in there good. Now I never bought any expensive helmets cuz I just don't believe spending 3 to $400 for one cuz I'm pretty sure those are even different from this helmet. But this is something I recommend spending if you're on a budget."
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LS2 Citation Helmet LS2 Citation Helmet Blsraceman - Arkansas Light weight and quiet "Was looking for a helmet that was lighter and quieter than my Bell Revolver helmets. Exceeded all expectations!"
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