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ICON Optics Fog Free Shield ICON Optics Fog Free Shield Jamie - Canton, Pennsylvania Fits like a glove "I bought this to go with my ICON Airmada and it fits perfect. It doesn't fog up at all even in colder 45-50 degree weather."
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ICON Airmada Helmet - Lucky Lid 2 ICON Airmada Helmet - Lucky Lid 2 Jamie - Canton, Pennsylvania Excellent lid and a great value for the money "First of all, this helmet fits great. I bought a small according to the size chart and my head measures 22 inches. It was snug out of the box but after an hour or so of wear it has broken in very nicely. Wind noise is a minimum and although it doesn't have a chin skirt it lets in little to no air through the bottom. I ride a cruiser so it's out in the open and it cuts very cleanly at highway speeds without the tossing turbulence that I've experienced with other helmets. It is very light compared with lower to middle end HJCs and even my older Shoei. The windscreen doesn't fog in even in colder 45-50 degree weather and this is the first helmet I've used that I could tell if the vents were open or not.Can't wait to see how they perform in the heat of summer. I've always wanted an ICON and I'm not in the least disappointed and although I got mine on sale at nearly half off (thanks motosport) I'd have no problem paying full retail for another one in the future. PS the graphics are even nicer than they appear in the pictures"
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MotoSport is Your Motorcycle Helmet Store

It feels a bit outdated to ride without a helmet, doesn't it? Of course safety is paramount but with today's stylish looks and the available technology it's practically a necessity to put one on. A variety of styles exist allowing you to retain your independence, maintain optimum protection and enjoy the open road on your Cruiser.

If you're looking for the perfect helmet, you've come to the right place. MotoSport sells a wide selection of Cruiser helmets that meet or exceed Department of Transportation (D.O.T.) standards and some take it a step further with a SNELL rating. Your choice of full face, modular, open face or half shell offers a variety of options to suit your riding needs. Modern helmets incorporate the toughest materials while maintaining a lightweight complex so not to burden your venture.

Additionally, take advantage of the available communication devices with Bluetooth technology that allow you to communicate with a passenger or other riders, talk on the phone or listen to music. We've also got helmet cameras so you can record your excursion or document evidence if an errant driver becomes a hazard. And, don't forget the extras like ear plugs and helmet care accessories.

If you're looking for a first helmet or a replacement we can help. We are The Guys That Ride and can make recommendations based on your preferences and riding needs. Remember, the best helmet is one that comfortably fits and doesn't impede your ability to ride. So, give us a call at 888-676-8853 if you need some guidance and check out our Motorcycle Helmet Size Guide - How To Measure & Fit The Right Helmet if you have questions on the sizing.