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GoPro Hero 6 Black GoPro Hero 6 Black Motoxer913 - OGDEN, UT If you still have a Hero3 it’s time to upgrade! "I’ve been holding out for years with my Hero3 content to wait for a worthy upgrade and the Hero6 is well worth it. The picture quality and high frame rates are a massive improvement. I love the voice commands while riding a bike and it’s difficult to use hands. The syncing with iPhone and quick editing seems to be working well and I can finally quickly grab a video clip wirelessly onto my phone and immediately share it which is huge! I also love that it’s waterproof without a case. The cons are, battery life hasn’t improved much, and I find navigating through content using the little touchscreen while plugged into HDMI on a big screen HDTV is not very intuitive and could be improved."
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GoPro HERO5 Black GoPro HERO5 Black Winkabeast - Monroe, NY 10950, USA WOW ! "Huge improvement over the older models. Way easier and more intuitive to run. Touch screen controls are a huge plus over the multi push menu buttons. I've been using mine for hunting as well. having a blast and getting some good stuff."
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