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Wiseco Valve Shim Kit Wiseco Valve Shim Kit dhazardous - Portland, OR Just the Right Amount "I bought this to shim my 09 GSXR 750, this kit contained just the right amount for me to finish the job. The shims were also measured beforehand to double check the correct sizing, and they were spot on."
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PSR Manual Cam Chain Tensioner PSR Manual Cam Chain Tensioner Hendland96 - Texas Very difficult to adjust correctly "On the FZ 09 I replaced my CCT with the PSR, and it does it's job I guess. But the APE pro, while over priced, has a tighter tolerance, better finish, and most importantly the screw for adjustment is a 4mm alien key threaded rod. That design is soo much easier to feel the correct position when adjusting it when installing. Also the PSR internal o ring has already come out of the the threads and broken within 2 weeks. Will it get you by? Yes if you can adjust it to any accuracy. Would I hit it again. Nope"
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