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Dainese Cruiser Gloves

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Dainese Air Hero Unisex Gloves Dainese Air Hero Unisex Gloves 1198s - Washington DC Light weight and cool "Solid construction,great looks and cool."
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Dainese Carbon D1 Short Gloves Dainese Carbon D1 Short Gloves Fezsquatch - Corona, CA Typical Italian gloves "I love almost everything Dainese that I've bought, except these gloves (and another pair bought recently) but I don't hate them. For sure, try them on before you buy. I find that Italian gloves tend to be short in the fingers relative to the palm width. The result is gloves that are baggy through the hand, Also, they must have really long pinky fingers because there always seems to be an extra 1/8"-1/4" in the pinky. Having said that, trying to find leather gloves that fit perfectly is sometimes challenging because my right middle finger is slightly longer than the one on my left hand and leather takes time to stretch and break in to fit any outside the mold fitment issues. I've had to go to lengths to stretch middle fingers on leather gloves to avoid going to a 2XL, which would be too baggy everywhere else. Getting them on is a little tricky because there's not much cuff to grab hold of. I also have the Dainese Air gloves (love them) and the cuff is much better suited to paling them on. But once they're on, they fit OK, with the exception of the long pinkies. The lack of split in the knuckle guard is slightly limiting to mobility, especially if you are a 1-finger braker. But after 40 miles, the imprecise fit isn't so noticeable, and you probably won't be bothered. by the ned of the first ride, I felt that they would be fine once they break in a little."
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