Avon Tires

Avon Tires

The history of Avon tires dates back to 1885 with a cloth mill that produced not only timber but rubber goods. By 1890, the business had moved but the product line included solid tires. In 1900, the manufacturing of pneumatic tires for bicycles began and since 1904 Avon has manufactured tires for cars and motorcycles.

In 1997, Avon sold its line of tires to Cooper Tire & Rubber of Akron, OH where it's remained since. Cooper not only retained the Avon tires name but also kept the factory in the same United Kingdom town that Avon Rubber PLC is located.

Avon Tires at MotoSport

MotoSport carries tires for sport riding, sport touring and the track. Check out our combos or select individually from nearly 20 front and 40 rear tires. We have the rim size you need (16 to 21-inch) and the highly acclaimed series of Avon tires you expect:

  • 3D Ultra Sport
  • 3D Ultra Supersport
  • 3D Ultra Xtreme
  • Distanzia
  • Gripster
  • Storm 2 Ultra

Unlike cars, motorcycle tires are not interchangeable so we make it easy for you to buy the correct front and rear Avon tires for your motorcycle. MotoSport makes it easy to find the size you need too.

MotoSport features one of the largest selections of Avon tires on the web. We have a 90-day return policy. If you need help call our toll free line 866-677-7338, chat with an expert or see our Sportbike and Motorcycle Tire Buying Guide.

MotoSport offers fast, free shipping on orders over $79.