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Alpinestars Express Drystar Overpants Alpinestars Express Drystar Overpants CorenS - Tualatin, OR, USA Express aims to Impress! "I have been rocking these pants for a few months now, I assumed they would be on the cheapy side given the price. but I am VERY impressed with them. I've been in below 30 degree weather and not had a problem with warmth. I haven't had the opportunity to be on a long ride in a downpour yet, but basic commuting rain with minor downpours haven't gotten through the pants yet. Best part of these pants is the full side zips, I have not had to take off my boots yet, and it is super quick to get them off and on. The thermal liner has snaps where the side zippers are on the overpant. I leave them unsnapped so it is quick getting them on and off, I haven't had a problem with that yet. I am a 32 waist and 6'1" and wearing a size Medium. They are slightly snug on the waist wearing Jeans under, but that is how I want them. As for length, the armor just barely fits right when I am in riding position. if you're any taller I'd recommend going a size up because the armor is not adjustable."
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