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Athena Gasket Kit - Complete Athena Gasket Kit - Complete Micah - Madison, MS 39110, USA 2001 RM 250 rebuild "The gasket kit for my RM 250 did not come with a clutch cover gasket. I would not call this kit "complete" without a clutch cover gasket. Luckily, I found a high quality one for an inexpensive price elsewhere. The gaskets on the bottom end are paper with some sort of pre-adhered sealant. These are ok, but not as good as OEM with the rubberized metal. Fitment was great. All of the gaskets fit like they should. Lastly, the price was the best I could find for a complete set. So I give 4 stars even with the above issues."
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HOTCAMS Valve Shim Kit HOTCAMS Valve Shim Kit DaveyBRacing - Bloomington, IN, USA Great kit! "Worked fantastic on my vintage 1990 FZR 600. Would highly recommend."
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