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RK 530 GXW Rivet Master Link RK 530 GXW Rivet Master Link Matthew - Pa Half witted gold chain and bare master link "No gold master link for a gold chain not worth anyone's time for the chain or master link over priced for a fast rust half witted chain setup."
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Trail Tech Endurance II Computer Kit Trail Tech Endurance II Computer Kit shuddles625 - Portland, OR Value for price is strong, installation is a pain "I purchased this about a month ago and have been please with it so far. I did not connect this to my battery, instead will just replace the lithium battery included. Research I have done from other riders say it should last at least a year. Shows speed, miles and time traveled. Intuitive interface. With regards to the installation, I put this on a KTM 350 SX with a stock front rotor which already had a slot for the magnetic "bolt." My brake caliper was already pre-tapped to install the sensor, screwed right in. Running the cable zipped tied to the brake cable was simple and bolting the unit to my Pro Taper bars was easy. What was difficult and not explained very well was firmly attaching the magnet to the rotor. Included with your kit is a retainer clip which is intended to slide onto the magnet on the other side of the rotor. I removed the wheel from my bike, and used cir-clip pliers to spread it open to get onto the groove of the magnet. Once on I had to use needle nose pliers to squeeze the cir-clip tighter on the magnet. Instructions suggest using JB Weld which probably would have been easier."
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