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Galfer Front Brake Line Kit Galfer Front Brake Line Kit CavemanBob173333333333333 - San Rafael, CA, USA Best bang for the buck "Didnt feel like popping for a larger front disc & this steel braided brake line gave me that extra bit of smooth, strong stopping power I was looking for going down those long down hills that we have here in Northern Calif"
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Goodridge Motorcycle Speed Bleeder Goodridge Motorcycle Speed Bleeder Concours14 - Cleveland Ohio Works great "I replaced all the bleeders on my motorcycle (7 total) and was very glad I did. It makes bleeding the brakes and the clutch really easy. The fluid and air escape the hydraulic system but can’t go backwards so you can keep the bleeder open until all the air escapes and then close it. Some of my original bleeders leaked air so it was good that I put new ones in. The speed bleeders already come with the threads having thread sealer on them so you can just screw them in. One thing that I wasn’t aware of was the speed bleeders I ordered for Nissin brakes/clutch have 8 mm wrench size, while my original bleeders has 10 mm wrench sizes."
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