Located in Markleysburg, PA high in the mountains lies none other than Roaring Knob MX. Known for the roar it produces when the bikes (and cars) are racing, Roaring Knob has everything that you would expect from a motocross facility. Recently re-opened and ran by Dustin Kendall, RKMX is one of the few tracks that has open practice throughout the week. Dustin, a former racer himself, kept the old layout but spiced things up a bit with some option sections. With some of the best dirt in the PA area, Roaring Knob is sure to be here for a while. Add in the amenities such as the First Turn Cafe, Motoshop, and picnic area, Roaring Knob is a place to bring the whole family. With beautiful scenery all around and a perfect motocross track, we recommend making Roaring Knob one of your stops if you're ever in the area.

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