In the spirit of Thanksgiving we wanted to look back at some other infamous "Turkey" moves. All of us have committed some type of "turkey" moment in our lives and the pros in Motocross are no exception.

Whether it's out of an act of kindness, a little bit of cockiness or in some cases just a complete lack of thinking, the world of Motocross has dished out plenty of turkeys. So if you're enjoying eating some turkey, sit back and read, or in some cases watch, about a different type of turkey.

The best Motocross Turkey moments in no particular order:

  1. What a Nice Guy

Monster Energy/Pro Circuit Kawasaki's Dean Wilson was well on his way to winning his first outdoor national in 2010 at Freestone in Texas when he decided to be a nice guy and slow down and wave his teammate Tyla Rattray by. He'd just lapped Rattray...or so he thought. Turns out, Rattray was in second place! Before he figured out his mistake, Wilson made another one, slowing down enough at the finish to let Broc Tickle pass him as well. Wilson finished with 3-3 scores and gave the overall win to Christophe Pourcel, who finished 1-5. Check it out at the 2-minute mark.

  1. The Ryan's Get Joked

That dastardly Joker Lane throws a wrench into every rider's plans to win the Monster Energy Cup and gets even the best of them. Both Ryan Dungey and Ryan Villopoto forgot to take the Joker Lane in this year's Monster Cup assessing each a 5-position penalty. All riders must take the Joker Lane! We'll bet next year's Thankgiving dinner that neither Ryans will miss the Joker Lane in the 2014 Cup. James Stewart won the Cup and $100,000 by just one point over Dungey.

  1. Jason Lawrence Jumps the Gun

At Hangtown in 2009, Jason Lawrence got a little too eager for that holeshot. The video isn't great but it clearly shows Lawrence jumping the gate.

Here's another angle:

Gate Jumping

  1. Don't Try Your LCQ

Ken Roczen crashed in the Salt Lake City qualifying heat in the 2013 Supercross season and tries his luck in the LCQ rather than finish the heat. He doesn't get a transfer from the LCQ and is unable to race in the main event.

  1. Jeff Alessi and "Lasergate" at Washougal

This is a real head-scratcher. Rather than trying to dissect everything that went on at the Washougal Nationals this year (a laser pointed at Ryan Villopoto's eyes, accusations, denials and threats), we'll direct you to a most detailed report at Transworld Motocross.

  1. The Helmet Slap

Justin Bogle and Malcolm Stewart crash at the Dallas Supercross in 2012 and Bogle slaps Malcolm in the back of the helmet. Bogle finished 14th and Stewart finished 6th - both got $500 fines.

  1. I Win!

Meghan Rutledge fist pumps off a nice jump celebrating her Gold medal win in the 2013 X-Games except she hadn't crossed the finish line yet. She lost her balance on the landing as well as the Gold medal.

  1. Pull Over!

James Stewart's impersonation of a police officer in Florida a few years ago didn't go over well with the real cops. Stewart, driving a pick-up truck, tried pulling over another motorist for speeding by using blue and red flashing lights. Turns out the speeding car was driven by an off-duty police officer.

Written By: AndrewT