Christmas tree ornaments come in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors and themes. Ornaments often make good gifts to the host of a holiday party, to remember special occasions, or for the extreme collector.

Some ornaments appear to be fine works of art and deserve to be handled delicately. Others fall from the branches, get thrown in boxes, are stepped on and live to hang from another tree. There are ornaments that are a good idea and maybe even inspire awe. Then there are others, however well-meaning and intentioned, perhaps should have remained an interesting idea or simply on the shelf.

After coming across a rather eyebrow-crinkling ornament a few weeks ago we wanted to have just a little fun and celebrate the spirit of the "12 Days of Christmas." Check it out to see what motorcycle-themed ornaments we found and whether or not they belong on a tree. You decide - are these the 12 Worst Motorcycle-Themed Christmas Ornaments?

In no particular order:

  1. Motorcycle Jacket Ornament

    This is apparently a full leather ornament. Do you think the zipper works? It's quite popular too - more than 100 sold!

  2. Ninja Turtles Motorcycle Ornament

    TMNT Raphael sits atop a motorcycle in this "used" and "custom made" ornament. So, a toy the kids no longer play with couldn't have been donated to Goodwill? Instead, a hanger screwed into the shell turns what most people throw away into a $10 ornament. Admit it - the gold hanging chain does class it up a bit. If the "possible play/wear marks" are that visible on this side, what does the other side look like? Yes, this sold.

  3. Blown Glass Motorcycle with Flames Ornament

    Certainly a lot of creativity and talent went into making this glass blown ornament. It's much bigger than the photo captures at seven inches so it will certainly stand out on your tree. Just don't drop it!

  4. ATV Ornament

    Looks like the rider is being lifted by a crane! The rider actually moves so this may be a toy combined with another toy to make an ornament. Or simply an old toy with a hanger drilled into the head to make a new product to sell. The wheels move too! If you really like this, you're too late. The seller had eight and sold them all.

  5. Motorcycle Personalized Hand Painted Christmas Ball

    This looks like a repurposed Christmas ball someone used as a canvas to paint a Santa on a motorcycle. Hey, it's hand painted! And only costs $14.54. Not $14.50. That extra 4 cents may be a deal breaker for some. Oops, looks like the elves went on vacation.

  6. Harley-Davidson Handmade Dough Ornament

    Yes, you read correctly, this ornament is created from dough as in bread dough. This one and others like it have sold so apparently ornaments made out of raw bread are all the rage at taking dough from your wallet. Not sure if it's edible.

  7. Plastic Santa on Motorcycle

    $67. That's how much this plastic Santa on a Motorcycle costs. But it's apparently vintage from the 1950s. Or perhaps its I-found-it-in-the-attic-at-the-bottom-of-some-discarded-box-and-maybe-I-can-pawn-it-off-of-some-sucka.

  8. Nintendo Excitebike Christmas Tree Topper

    Who needs a star or an angel on top of the Christmas tree when you can pop this Christmas tree topper on. It's handmade with Perler Beads. (Don't worry - we had to look those up too... Oh, those beads!) If you have a Nintendo Excitebike fan in your life this ornament could rank as one of the all-time most memorable gifts. Tell them how much you paid and it'll top the list but probably not the tree.

  9. Custom Motorcycle Christmas Tree Ornament

    Now we could be wrong but it looks as though this "custom crafted" ornament came to life by gluing an old angel ornament onto the top of an old die-cast motorcycle model - voila! - a brand new easily sellable ornament especially if you take a photo of it hanging from a tree. If in fact, some of these die-cast cars and motorcycles are 30 years old as the description says, the motorcycle probably was worth something until an angel decided to take it for a ride.

  10. McDonald's Mac Tonight Moon Guy

    We'll bet you $5.29 plus $2.50 shipping that this "ornament" used to be a Happy Meal toy. It's now "customized" after a metal hanger was twisted into Moon Guy's head. It doesn't say if it comes with toddler-sized bite marks all over it but it does come from a smoke-free home.

  11. Chopper Motorcycle Suncatcher/Ornament

    From a distance these oddities look like something that attacks your immune system. In reality they're not microscopic but rather just a bit smaller than the size of your palm. Hang them above the kitchen sink year-round than transfer them to the tree come December. Two gifts in one! But if you live in Florida keep them off the ground, someone may stomp on it.

  12. Motorcycle Custom Ornament

    Hmmmm...Installing a dishwasher is less complicated then figuring out what this is and how to order it. The photos don't actually attach to the ornament (whew!) rather they represent what the finished product is crafted from. This thing costs no less than $60 and for some reason September is the start of the busy season.

There you have it the 12 Worst Motorcycle-Themed Christmas Ornaments we could find. If you've got any to add to the list please share it!