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How To Remove Baked on Gaskets

Dirt bikes and ATVs use a variety of gaskets that act as a barrier to outside contaminants and as a lock to keep operating fluids inside a sealed compartment. Gasket use ranges from the crankcase to the exhaust system and many parts in between....

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ATV rider on the trails

Easy Steps to Increase Horsepower in Your ATV

ATVs generally have the same engine as a dirt bike, though these machines don't hold the same level of horsepower because of factory specifications and load loss from the electronics.. But a few opportunities exist to get an increase in...

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Easy Steps to Increase Horsepower in Your Dirt Bike

If I could just eke out a little bit more... Tinkering with a dirt bike often means trying to find an edge in power and performance without having to install an expensive aftermarket part or buying the latest year model. A go-it-alone or do it...

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X-Ring vs. O-Ring Chain

O-ring chain. Non O-ring chain. Now, X-ring chain? An x-ring dirt bike chain is newer, far newer actually, than the standard non O-ring chain that probably propelled the first bicycle. The O-ring chain debuted in 1971 while the X-ring has been...

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Photo of ATV engine casing

ATV Spark Plugs

The oddest looking part on your ATV turns out to be one of the most important. The spark plug on your ATV not only starts the engine but keeps it running by maintaining a continuous spark firing once per full revolution on a 2-stroke and every...

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Mechanic installing a spark plug in a dirt bike

Dirt Bike Spark Plugs

All you need is the spark. The spark plug on your dirt bike ignites the fire that starts the engine and provides a continuous spark thereafter firing one per full revolution on a 2-stroke and every other full revolution on a 4-stroke . Fun...

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How to Make Exhaust Quieter on a Dirt Bike

Loud exhausts might save lives on the street but on the track or trail most riders prefer the "silence is golden" treatment. A loud exhaust can damage hearing, elicit a call from an annoyed neighbor and prevent you from competing in a sanctioned...

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Dirt bike leaning on a dirt bike stand

How To Find a Good Dirt Bike Mechanic

Always assume some risk when leaving your dirt bike in the hands of a qualified mechanic. People make mistakes and sometimes people don't always have the best intentions. The best mechanic rests with you. Learn as much about maintenance so the...

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Ask a Mechanic: Dirt Bike Suspension Setup

Q: Ken Roczen used a stiffer suspension at A1 when the race called for a softer suspension. Now I'm confused. Can you tell me the ideal dirt bike suspension setup? A: The short answer boils down to you. What do you like best and what helps your...

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Guy spraying a dirt bike with water

Some MOTOvation to Get Through Coronavirus

If you have given up hope for the afternoon soaps and a bottle of cold brew, and got nothing to do and all day to do it, don't let it tick away with your sanity. Use the forced downtime to work on your dirt bike. It's hard to believe such a...

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