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8 Motorcycle Maintenance Tips

Almost no one has the availability to check the oil level in their motorcycle anymore what with the time suck of streaming TV, social media and generally sitting around the house doing nothing after a long day's work. And the weekends? Forget...

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Why You Need a Dirt Bike Pipe Guard

You can't keep a dirt bike in pristine condition unless of course it sits in the garage unridden so outside of that expect scratches, dings, stains and general overall wear and tear. But that doesn't mean throwing caution to the wind and...

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How To Prevent Tire Dry Rot

Most people, especially homeowners, know about dry rot and how it affects wood and the damage it can cause. Tires can also suffer from a type of dry rot that motorcycle riders must keep an eye on especially when leaving their bike in storage or...

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New Motorcycle Tire Tips

New tires. Almost a work of art. So black and shiny. Slick looking too. Makes you never want to roll them on the pavement. Tires indeed help make up the "look" of your motorcycle and though you might feel tempted to leave them well enough...

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Most Common Parts to Fail on a Dirt Bike

All things get old and in the case of dirt bikes it seems as though some parts age much quicker and need replacing far more often than others. Perhaps this explains why dirt bike owners have a stock full of extra supplies and parts. The amount...

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How To Stop Helmet Visor Fogging

One rather annoying issue many motorcyclists face making it nearly impossible to ride happens when the fog rolls in and completely steams up the helmet shield. Shield or visor fogging generally occurs when cold outside air temperatures meet the...

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10 Things You Should Probably Inspect on Your Motorcycle

Life gets busy, time passes by and so much escapes us we forget to do the simple things. And as long as the engine on your motorcycle fires up, it's all good, right? Sure, at least until things go south. Only two times in the day do we...

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How To Find Hard to Find Parts for a Dirt Bike Rebuild

Some riders like a challenge and one that doesn't involve a triple. Trying out different machines comes with the territory for those who have spent time on a dirt bike. Subtle nuances here, pretty big distinctions there all help define specific...

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Motorcycle Theft Prevention

Some people just can't help themselves. What's yours is mine so they have every right to take what doesn't belong to them and take if for themselves whether for their own enjoyment or to strip down and sell off as parts. Big surprise...

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Motorcycle MPG: How to Improve Gas Mileage

Laugh all you want but several techniques exist to increase the gas mileage on a motorcycle. Yes, most motorcycles already get nearly 40 miles per gallon and some push that to 60 mpg depending on the engine size. But, a tweak here and an...

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