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Best Modifications for Dirt Bikes

We get asked a lot of questions but the one theme that always comes up revolves around upgrades or modifications. Most riders, especially veterans, tend to make immediate changes to the stock equipment, equipping higher-end aftermarket parts...

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Want More Power? Try Changing These Parts on Your Dirt Bike or ATV

I need more power! Said just about everyone who has ever ridden a dirt bike or ATV in competition. And even those who just enjoy blazing along trails eventually want a faster bike without needing to buy a new one housing a bigger engine....

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Does Engine Oil Go Bad? Using Old Oil and Other Fluids in Your Dirt Bike or ATV

The garage sure does harbor a lot of secrets. Between shelves lined with boxes, fertilizer, grass seed and pesticide sit some lonely, unused and sometimes unopened bottles of engine fluids that were once lost but now found thanks to last...

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Ask a Mechanic - Fuel Leaking from the Carb

You ask we answer. Here's the latest in our "Ask a Mechanic" series. Q: I have just discovered fuel leaking from my 2008 Honda CRF450. It's not a lot actually, just the outside of the carb had moisture residue that turned out to be fuel so I know...

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Using Old Gas in Your Dirt Bike or ATV

When good gas goes bad. The fuel fueling your dirt bike or ATV doesn't last forever (one reason to ride!) but unless you have mathematical wizardry as a talent you likely end up with leftovers after the latest trip to the track or trails that...

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How To Be a Mechanic - Learning Maintenance on Your Dirt Bike or ATV

Some mechanics have such an innate ability to work their way around an engine the answer to complex problems simply seems to come to them but most learned their craft and at some point in life were novice wrenches who fumbled and tumbled their way...

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How To Check Valve Clearance on a Dirt Bike or ATV

Always check your valve for clearance. Always. Cheap insurance against a total and complete engine failure. Of course the process doesn't take a mere 10 minutes using eyeball sight which explains why sometimes this routine maintenance gets...

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Ask a Mechanic: The Term Roost

You ask we answer. Here's the latest in our "Ask a Mechanic" series. Q: I know this isn't a mechanic's related question but I was wondering if you know why roost is called roost or where the term came from. I get hit with a lot of it! A: As for...

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Preventive Care for Your Dirt Bike or ATV

An appointment with your doctor probably includes some talk on preventive care and if you own pets a good veterinarian should provide tips on how to keep your cat or dog healthy for the long term and prevent health problems later in life. For...

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Common Problems on Older Dirt Bikes

You have feverishly maintained it following all the manufacturer's recommended intervals, kept immaculate records and always performed a thorough after-ride cleaning along with checking off all the boxes on your pre-ride checklist. But still, no...

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