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Dirt Bike Gas Tank Repair

Dirt Bike Gas Tank Repair

One of the more sturdy parts on a dirt bike also holds the gas. We will skip the science and instead simply say plastic fuel tanks contain some of the hardiest plastic available. Designed to withstand the rigors of off-road riding and...

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Tips to cleaning a dirt bike gas tank

How To Clean a Dirt Bike Gas Tank

Most riders have probably never cleaned the fuel tank on their dirt. This job doesn't normally add a check box to the routine maintenance list and can mostly be avoided by taking care when adding gas. However, competing in an off-road race tends...

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Tips to cleaning a dirt bike chain

How To Clean a Dirt Bike Chain

Cleaning the chain on your dirt bike creates a comprehensive, involved task that requires a thorough attention to detail to do correctly. You'll need a host of tools and cleaning supplies, some extra help and a lot of spare time. Many riders...

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How To Stay Cool This Summer Riding Your Motorcycle

Hot is hot and whether the mercury reads 90 or 100 little else invites a motorcycle ride than clear, sunny skies and an endless road. Until you look at all the gear you need to wear. A stuffy helmet, a thick leather jacket and long tight...

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How to tie down a dirt bike

How To Tie Down a Dirt Bike

If you're lucky to live and play near a trail system (or have your own Motocross track built on your backyard!) then tying down your dirt bike for a trip away from home isn't so much of an issue. But, since heaven must wait for...

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Tips to effectively placing a dirt bike on a dirt bike stand

How To Put a Dirt Bike On a Stand

Training and hitting the weights to get in shape for riding Motocross does not include hoisting your 200 pound-plus dirt bike onto a stand solely using muscle and grit. There's a better way and several methods exist....

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Tips for fixing throttle isses on a dirt bike

How To Fix Dirt Bike Throttle Problems

Learning throttle control on your dirt bike is one of the trickiest parts to successful riding whether you're on the track or trail. Combine that with the clutch and brake system you see why it takes long hours and hard work to just finish a race....

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How to tighten a dirt bike chain

How To Tighten a Dirt Bike Chain

A broken chain can ruin your whole day. Your best outcome to breaking the drive chain on your dirt bike is, well, a broken chain. The worst? How about a damaged crankcase. Or how about the chain whipping you in the back as you blaze down the...

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Tips to saving money for riding dirt bikes

How To Save Money Riding Dirt Bikes

There's no doubt about it, riding dirt bikes is far from a low-cost hobby. If you're at the racing level competing every week or even just once a month then it's just downright expensive. But there are ways to reduce your costs and save money...

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Tips on getting sponsored in motocross

How To Get Sponsored

We'd all relish the opportunity to have a major dirt bike manufacture offer their latest 450 model free of charge along with support in the form of riding gear and aftermarket parts from all the popular racing brands. Only until you've proven...

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