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Breaking in dirt bike brake pads

How To Break In Brake Pads

A fresh set of brake pads on your dirt bike makes all the difference when it comes to stopping power. You know the signs for when to get the brake checked and you know how to replace them (once learned - it's easy!) but do you know how to drag...

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How to remove baked on gaskets

How To Remove Baked on Gaskets

Dirt bikes and ATVs use a variety of gaskets that act as a barrier to outside contaminants and as a lock to keep operating fluids inside a sealed compartment. Gasket use ranges from the crankcase to the exhaust system and many parts in between....

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How to increase the horsepower in an ATV

Easy Steps to Increase Horsepower in Your ATV

ATVs generally have the same engine as a dirt bike, though these machines don't hold the same level of horsepower because of factory specifications and load loss from the electronics.. But a few opportunities exist to get an increase in...

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how to increase the horsepower in a dirt bike

Easy Steps to Increase Horsepower in Your Dirt Bike

If I could just eke out a little bit more... Tinkering with a dirt bike often means trying to find an edge in power and performance without having to install an expensive aftermarket part or buying the latest year model. A go-it-alone or do it...

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Tips to reduce noise from a dirt bike exhaust

How to Make Exhaust Quieter on a Dirt Bike

Loud exhausts might save lives on the street but on the track or trail most riders prefer the "silence is golden" treatment. A loud exhaust can damage hearing, elicit a call from an annoyed neighbor and prevent you from competing in a sanctioned...

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Tips to finding a good dirt bike mechanic

How To Find a Good Dirt Bike Mechanic

Always assume some risk when leaving your dirt bike in the hands of a qualified mechanic. People make mistakes and sometimes people don't always have the best intentions. The best mechanic rests with you. Learn as much about maintenance so the...

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how to keep dirt bike bolts fastened

How To Keep Dirt Bike Bolts Tight

Oh man, again!? Another bolt, forever lost in a sea of Motocross dirt. You factory torqued the thing. Over and over. Only this time it managed to free itself. Probably somewhere over a triple. You ever go around your house with a screwdriver...

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How to get comfortable on a motorcycle

How To Get a Most Comfortable Motorcycle

What could be possibly better than going out for a quick little ride on your motorcycle? The answer: Riding all day, for several days or weeks or months at a time! Touring and travelling on a motorcycle gives you things that you can't get in...

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Symptoms of a bad clutch on a dirt bike

Bad Clutch Symptoms on a Dirt Bike

Most parts on a dirt bike have manufacturer's recommended intervals in terms of when to replace so you ensure uninterrupted optimum performance. The clutch, however, varies widely and no set timetable exists giving you an idea of when to change...

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Tips to prevent tire dry rot

How To Prevent Tire Dry Rot

Most people, especially homeowners, know about dry rot and how it affects wood and the damage it can cause. Tires can also suffer from a type of dry rot that motorcycle riders must keep an eye on especially when leaving their bike in storage or...

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