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ATV History Fun Facts

Fun Facts - ATV History

ATVs - those 4-wheeled behemoths of the track or back trials - loved by the off-road enthusiast and treasured by farmers. The All-Terrain Vehicle cannot claim a history as deep or as long as the motorcycle but it certainly rouses the passion of...

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Tips to prepping your ATV for sand dune riding

How To Prep Your ATV For The Sand Dunes

One of the more popular spots to go 4-wheeling is wherever sand dunes may be. The desert or at the beach, sand dunes are the closest thing to an ATV roller coaster as you can get and far more fun and entertaining. Riding in the sand is a...

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Guide to snorkeling your ATV

Should You Snorkel Your ATV?

Photo: If you've spent any time in a body of water it's quickly noted that to have any fun you need a snorkel. The same could very well be said of swimming but since we rip ATVs through the mud and water to do so effectively...

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ATV tire and wheel guide

A Guide to Choosing ATV Tires & Wheels

ATV owners have a lot of options when it comes to choosing the right tires and wheels for their 4-wheeler. ATV wheels and especially tires probably not only get upgraded more than any other part but the first of the stock options to get...

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Choosing the best beginner ATV

Choosing The Best ATV For Beginners

The ATV is a popular investment for recreation enthusiasts and those who love the outdoors. Anyone can reasonably expect to get on and ride with little difficulty. Where the dirt bike poses a balancing challenge the four-wheel ATV can be looked...

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Which ATV is best for riding on sand?

Best ATV for Sand Dunes

Many ATV owners enjoy the technical aspects to riding on sand and the dunes offer an unprecedented experience like nothing else. Those who dabble on the sand dunes, after years of riding the track or trails, often return much sooner than later....

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Does an ATV come with a title

Do ATVs Have a Title?

A title shows legal proof of ownership and most people recognize the need for a car title when buying a used or new car. Basically, a paper trail confirming you rightfully own the vehicle. A car is one thing but how about a title for the ATV you...

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How to increase the horsepower in an ATV

Easy Steps to Increase Horsepower in Your ATV

ATVs generally have the same engine as a dirt bike, though these machines don't hold the same level of horsepower because of factory specifications and load loss from the electronics.. But a few opportunities exist to get an increase in...

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Hunting Accessories for a UTV

UTV Hunting Accessories

Hunting takes you far and wide and into places unknown. You can't get there by car, a pick-up truck works but travel for the serious hunter resides in a rugged UTV, also known as a side by side. A side by side operates like a car but with a much...

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Best Off-Road Trails for Dirt Bike and ATV Riding

All of us have a bucket list. For some, that list includes a broad spectrum of items to cross off, while for others, fully experiencing a personal hobby which often means leaving the confines of home and taking whatever helps define you into...

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