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Do ATVs Have a Title?

A title shows legal proof of ownership and most people recognize the need for a car title when buying a used or new car. Basically, a paper trail confirming you rightfully own the vehicle. A car is one thing but how about a title for the ATV you...

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ATV rider on the trails

Easy Steps to Increase Horsepower in Your ATV

ATVs generally have the same engine as a dirt bike, though these machines don't hold the same level of horsepower because of factory specifications and load loss from the electronics.. But a few opportunities exist to get an increase in...

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UTV Hunting Accessories

Hunting takes you far and wide and into places unknown. You can't get there by car, a pick-up truck works but travel for the serious hunter resides in a rugged UTV, also known as a side by side. A side by side operates like a car but with a much...

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Best Off-Road Trails for Dirt Bike and ATV Riding

All of us have a bucket list. For some, that list includes a broad spectrum of items to cross off, while for others, fully experiencing a personal hobby which often means leaving the confines of home and taking whatever helps define you into...

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A Guide for Traveling With Your ATV

Plenty of destinations exist around the country for riding ATVs and if you have the travel bug you just might develop a bucket list of places to ride. Classic MX parks, the dunes or off-road adventures await but you have to get there first....

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Ask a Mechanic: Soaking Clutch Plates

You ask we answer. Here's the latest in our "Ask a Mechanic" series. Q: I know you're supposed to soak clutch plates in oil but for how long? A: Five minutes. An hour. Overnight. All three answers are correct however the longer the better....

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Q&A with Chad Reed: A Serendipitous Interview

Last year when Chad Reed folded his company TwoTwo Motorsports then seemed to go underground for a few months leaving everyone wondering whether we had seen the last of the Supercross and Motocross Champion, we tried reaching out to him. To no...

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Natalie Wins Inaugural ATV Supercross Race at Daytona

A new year, a new team, a new race and John Natalie is already wiping the slate clean from a frustrating 2014 season. The 2015 Mtn. Dew ATV Motocross National Championship series began Tuesday with an unprecedented first round at the Daytona...

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Inaugural Daytona ATV Supercross Tomorrow

Photo: Ken Hill The 2015 Mtn. Dew ATV Motocross National Championship gives fans and riders a sneak preview into the season with an unprecedented date at the Daytona International Raceway on Tuesday on a genuine Supercross track. The 15 lap...

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Fun Facts - ATV History

ATVs - those 4-wheeled behemoths of the track or back trials - loved by the off-road enthusiast and treasured by farmers. The All-Terrain Vehicle cannot claim a history as deep or as long as the motorcycle but it certainly rouses the passion of...

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