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Tips for preparing a motorcycle for winter riding

Preparing Your Motorcycle for Winter

You may have seen previous magazine articles and blog-posts with advice about storing your motorcycle for winter, with information about your fuel, fuel-system, battery, tires, and rust-prevention. Previously, I wrote this post about how to...

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How to get comfortable on a motorcycle

How To Get a Most Comfortable Motorcycle

What could be possibly better than going out for a quick little ride on your motorcycle? The answer: Riding all day, for several days or weeks or months at a time! Touring and travelling on a motorcycle gives you things that you can't get in...

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Tips for commuting on a motorcycle

The Wonderful World of Commuting on Motorcycle

I love riding my motorcycle! Who doesn't? Everyone I know who rides, either on the dirt or the street, loves to ride! I want to ride at every opportunity I can find. I don't understand why more riders don't feel the same!? Most American...

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25th Annual International Motorcycle & Scooter Ride to Work Day

The slogan is "Work to Ride - Ride to Work". You probably already save up your pennies for your parts, maintenance, and riding gear, so you work to ride. But do you ride to work? For the past 24 years, scooter riders and motorcyclists around the...

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Vintage Motorcycle Enthusiasts

Every year towards the end of summer, the Vintage Motorcycle Enthusiasts of Seattle, Washington, put on the Northwest's greatest old-bike event, and one of the greatest in the country; The Isle of Vashon TT. This classic motorcycle event, which is...

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The 2015 Distinguished Gentleman's Ride

Because Motosport is a motorcycle and motorsports company, most of our customers are men. We are very lucky that more women are shopping with us each year, and we're grateful for this! However, we are deeply concerned about losing any more of our...

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Adventures in Motorcycle Deer Hunting

This past Memorial Day Weekend, my wife, Sylvia, and I decided on a three-day motorcycle tour. Being a holiday, we ruled out the popular Oregon Coast. Riding on two-wheels, we chose not to tour the wineries of the Willamette Valley. Due to the...

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The Alley Sweeper is Dead; Long Live The Alley Sweeper

Rainy Portland, Oregon is definitely not well known for having a lot of motorcyclists - not like our neighbor to the south, Sunny California. Portland is better known for its green environment and green culture, with the one good warm week of...

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The Evolution of The Motorcycle - Epilogue: What Will We Ride In The Future?

In the first eight parts of this column, we only touched on a few significant events of the past two centuries of motorcycle evolution. There have been many other developments that haven't been mentioned, in every part of the bikes; from tires to...

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The Evolution of The Motorcycle - Part Eight: The American & Italian Connection

Erik Buell, a part-time engineering student and full time motorcycle racer and machinist, landed a job at Harley-Davidson in Milwaukee, WI in 1979. Senior executives at Harley-Davidson, including Willie G. Davidson (grandson of co-founder William...

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