Roland Sands Designs, makers of some of the most popular motorcycle riding gear for men, has now produced some of the finest gear imaginable - for women.

The company has never forgotten the girls that ride it's just that their men's line always took precedence and helped outline the riding gear for women. But for 2019, RSD took a blank canvas and promised something big and something special for hard riding women from every walk of two wheels.

The Roland Sands Designs new women's collection includes protective footwear, abrasion resistant pants, rider's vest and two new premium leather gloves. The company focused on fit and usability to build this specific women's collection and paid attention to the small details ensuring every woman who dons RSD riding gear feels like it was built for them. Fit, finish, function and style - all equally important - play a role in how the RSD women's collection takes care of every woman who rides a motorcycle.

All in the Details

The details, says RSD, had to be perfect. Take for instance the rise of the denim pant. Not too high - otherwise you have mom jeans - but not too low - or else run the risk of exposing a bit too much when in the attack position. The right stretch with enough structure offers protection, but enough flex to banish any regret. The new boots come in low profile and feminine, but fully legit with enough protection.

And, don't take their word for it. Roland Sands Designs fit tested all their products for women on countless riders and tested the styles on the bike. Then before rolling out the manufacturing process, they exercised the theory of the few, as more does not always equal better. Do it right, focus on what's important and grow with what is successful.

Roland Sands Designs hopes to inject function and safety as well as style into their women's line of motorcycle riding gear.

Check out the entire collection of Roland Sands Design motorcycle riding gear for women here.