As part of the Get Your Bike and Ride Campaign, MotoSport introduces a series of "How-To" videos to get your ride up to speed after the winter off. Join Rockstar Energy Racing mechanic "JT" for some of the basics to make sure your bike is up to speed for the coming season in this first episode.

Hey. What's up, guys? It's JT, here at the Rockstar Energy Racing Shop, here in Corona, California and I just want to show you how to get your bike ready for the upcoming riding season.

How to Make Your Dirt Bike Race Ready

  1. Clean bike

Always start with a clean bike. Clean it head-to-toe.

  1. Radiator Coolant

One of the most commonly overlooked things is flushing out your radiator coolant. You want to check your coolant and you always want it topped off, but every season you want to start with fresh coolant.

  1. Fresh oil

After you get finished with your coolant, the next thing you want to do is change your engine oil. You definitely want to start off the season with fresh oil. The first step's going to be to pull out your drain plug that's located under the engine on these bikes. When you're checking your oil, on this bike, we have a check screw that's located right here.

You want to pull that screw out. I usually tip the bike to the side and oil should pour out right when you tip it. If your oil level is too low, you want to remove this cap and you want to fill it. Pour oil in until oil pours out of this hole.

  1. Brake Fluid

To be able to go fast, you got to be able to stop out there, so you want to keep an eye on your brake fluid. Two screws on the cap pull off, and through the sight window, you want to make sure your fluid's within the manufacturer's specifications on that sight window.

  1. Chain and Sprockets

Another thing that's important is to check the condition of your chain and sprockets. We do the three-finger method. Three fingers right behind your chain slider.

Looks like this chain is perfectly adjusted. While you're checking your chain and sprockets, it's very important to keep an eye on your sprocket bolts.

  1. Chain Guide

The last thing you want to check when you're looking at your chain and sprockets is your chain guide. The chain guide guides the chain onto the rear sprocket.

Without it, the chain can also derail, so you want to make sure there's adequate wear left. You want to make sure it's not grinding into the metal holder on the guide. That wraps up everything with your chain and your sprockets.

  1. Throttle and Clutch Cable

Next step we're going to do is check your throttle and your clutch cable for operations, make sure they're smooth. First thing I like to look for is to make sure the cable's good to begin with and make sure there's no fraying.

  1. Spokes

Very important to keep an eye and make sure your spokes are tight. A quick check, you can take your spoke wrench and you should get a loud tinging-type effect tone. If you get a dead tone, you want to definitely check that spoke. If I check one spoke, I'm going to check the whole wheel.

  1. Bearings

To get the most out of your bearings, you have to keep them clean and keep them greased.

  1. Muffler

Around the local tracks, a lot of people like to complain about the noise, and a lot of the noise that people complain about is guys that don't have a muffler that's freshly packed.

  1. Tires

While you're looking over your bike, make sure your tires are good. To me, there's nothing like a new tire. Once again, having a clean bike makes it easy to check all these components.

Once your bike's all ready to ride for the new season, here at the Rockstar Shop, we actually run meters on every practice bike. Throughout the season, we're going to show you maintenance tips on your bike.

Once again, having an hour meter on your bike will let you know the actual time that's on your bike so you know when to perform the maintenance needed. You got your bike all checked out. Looks like you're ready to go out and ride.