Asterisk Cell Knee Braces

For this week's Product Highlight we bring you the Asterisk Cell Knee Braces. Used by top professionals and beginners - and everyone in between - the Asterisk Cell Knee Braces are a must for riders of all skill levels. Insuring longevity is vital in motocross and no other piece of safety equipment gives you that capability better than the Asterisk Knee Brace.

The Asterisk Cell Knee Braces are the most technologically advanced knee protection system on the market today! Their list of athletes is long, including the likes of James Stewart, Chad Reed, Andrew Short and Ricky Carmichael. If four of the best motocross athletes in the world indorse it, trust us when we say that's all the coercing you need to go out and pick up a set.


  • The Asterisk Cell Knee Brace features an ergonomically designed frame that contours the inside of the leg allowing for a low profile fit.
  • Carbon fiber injection molding on the Asterisk Cell Knee Braces creates a strong, lightweight rigid structure to help the Cell withstand forces and protect your knees.
  • The Asterisk Cell Knee Brace simulates the natural knee motion and automatically aligns for a proper fit.
  • Unique telescoping design covers the knee, bent or straight, both above and below the kneecap.
  • Asterisk Cell Knee Braces include one pair of Knee Skins. Price - $599.99