Troy Lee Designs released their brand new, all new 2017 SE4 Carbon Helmet last week and it's already making an impact - the good kind.

You could call it a revolutionary product - its construction certainly elevates the bar for the competition. Even Mr. Lee said, "The SE4 helmet is the greatest single thing we've ever done." The shell of the TLD SE4 helmet is made of carbon fiber/Kevlar composite which features three separate EPS inserts (13 percent more than the closest competitor) which is the most advanced energy absorbing material available. The design of the SE4 helmet underwent 350 crash prototypes and 3800 hours of development.

With concussions making headlines in sports like Motocross perhaps most noteworthy is the inclusion of the Multi-directional Impact Protection System (MIPS) which lets the helmet slide relative to the add which provides additional protection against rotational violence to the brain caused by angled impacts. Additional features include:

  • Reinforced Chinbar
  • Durable Headliner
  • Ultra Light Weight
  • 22 High Flow Intakes
  • 6 Exhaust Ports
  • Negative Pressure Ventilation
  • Maximum EPS
  • Quick-Release Cheekpads
  • Safety Certifications - Exceeds certifications for Snell M2015 and DOT FMVSS 218

Troy Lee created four styles to choose in their new SE4 Carbon helmet and you can check them all out here. Each helmet also comes with two matching visors, an extra set of visor hardware and a TLD SE4 helmet bag.