Produced for ONE Industries, Team Monster Energy Kawasaki mechanic Mike Williamson shows you how to install graphics on your dirt bike. When installing your decals, make sure that you are starting with a clean surface. Even when the plastic is brand new, it is good practice to wipe down the areas with a contact cleaner and let dry completely. To make it a little easier on yourself, apply the graphics in a warm enviroment. If you can't get away from cold temperatures warm them up with a blow dryer before applying. Remember to take your time and peel the backing off the decal just enough for the section you are starting with and apply a little bit at a time. Once you have finished, warm up the plastic and the edges of the decal with a blow dryer while rubbing down from the center out.

These tips along with the input from Mike in the How To video, will ensure that the graphics stay stuck to the plastic.