Rory Sullivan demonstrates how to approach different sections of the trail by using alternate line choices. Whether it be racing, or trail riding, line choice is key, as it affects your speed and your momentum while riding on the motorcycle. Critical line choice is a key factor in all aspects of the every day "Dirt Biker."

Motocross Line Selection

Rory Sullivan Discusses Line Selection

Pretty big corner coming around, race line's all bumpy coming into that same left-hand corner. Going to change up my line a little bit, cut across - miss those bumps.

Rory Sullivan, up here in the Pacific Northwest, out doing a little bit of trail riding today. I was out here railing this left-hand corner, and coming out of it, you can see its all beat up from everybody playing out here in the woods. I don't like to get beat up, hurts my back. I started looking for an alternate line. On the exit of this corner, I let off for a second, turned into it a little sharper and made a new line out around the side, and I can accelerate away without making any bumps.

Miss Those Bumps

With this corner, it's a long sweeping left. Right at the end of the corner, it started straightening out. I almost make it a double corner. My bike wants to start to straighten up and I lean back into it harder, which allows my suspension to compress. When it releases, I pop out to the left in this rut that's generated. Miss those bumps!

Benefits to Trail Line Selection

One of the benefits of picking an alternative line on a course when things get rough is if you're behind the race leader and he goes into that line, you can slow up for a second and then go twice as fast if you accelerate smoothly while he's accelerating hitting the bumps. Rolling through, missing a big rut on the way out.

It doesn't matter if you're a trail rider or a racer, we all get tired. We want to ride longer. Line selection, looking for something that's not so bumpy is going to prolong your ride and you're going to feel better at the end of the day, let alone it's faster.

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