With an endless amount of obstacles to conquer in the realm of off road riding, we are here to help you nail down the essentials. Cody Schafer knows his trails and helps us break down the key elements in log crossing situations. Understanding the basics and applying these tips to your next trail ride will have you tackling these hurdles like a pro!

Dirt Bike Log Crossing Tips

Hey, guys. How are you doing? This is Cody Schafer. Today, we're going to be talking about log crossings. It's very easy if you have the proper technique, and I'm going to go through the steps today to help give you a chance at mastering log crossings.

Proper Body Placement

The proper body placement coming in to this is pretty central on the bike. You want to be able to do many things all in one spot. Centrally balanced, keep your feet on the peg. It's hard to do for some people to just focus on keeping your feet on the pegs. If they're on the pegs, they're not going to get in between the bike and the log, or anything else bad that could happen.

The first thing you want to do when you're coming into the log is just be confident. The biggest mistake people make is just freaking out right when they see a log. You want to come in to it and know you're going to make it over, and not have a doubt in your mind. You want to come with a steady throttle into the log, and as you get into the log, brake with your front break just a slight bit to set the frontend down.

At the same time you do that, you want to let out the clutch and release the front brake to pop up the front tire. You want to aim for about 3/4 of the way up the log. Hitting your front tire there is crucial because that is what gives you the pop off the log to actually get your back wheel to it and over. If you don't hit right there, and you come to slow and do it, you just pop into it, you're not going to have the momentum to go over it. And if you hit to high, it's going to try to throw you over the handle bars.

Keep it Steady

From that point, everything is just going to have to flow naturally. You wheelie into it, you keep your balance, you stay centered on the bike, no crazy moving around. You just want to stay central on the bike. As you go over the log, keep a steady throttle.

Lots of people get into trouble when they just pin it off the rev limiter on top of the log because there's no traction. You just want to be smooth. Think about if you're on a mountain bike or something - you can't gas it going up a log. It's all about keeping a constant throttle and looking where you want to go after you go past the log.

Several times, there won't just be the log as your only issue. You'll have other things that are right after it. The first thing you got to focus on is just getting over the log clean. If you get over the log clean and balanced, it's going to set you up way better than flailing over the log.

Once you're half way over the log, then you can move your eyes up to the next thing you're going to have to conquer. For me, there was a ditch here that I had to jump over. As I'd come over the log, I'd get repositioned and back in the good attack position, and then prepare myself to bunny hop over that ditch.

It's the same thing with any type of obstacle. Lots of time, there's more than one log. It's the same process, just start it over. Come over the log smooth, brake, pop your wheelie, and then just focus on getting back onto the trail and back into your race.

Four Tips to Consider

Thanks for watching this with Motosport.com. Here's four points that I want you to take away, from this log crossing, just to get through your mind and focus on those if you can't focus on anything else.

  1. The first thing you got to do is just be confident and know you're going to make it over.
  2. The second thing is setting up properly; driving that front brake and popping just that little bit of wheelie to hit 3/4 the way up the log. Higher or lower, it's going to make it more difficult on you, and your brain is amazing at just making you hit the right spot on the log.
  3. The third thing would just be keeping your feet on the pegs and balanced.
  4. Then the last thing is keeping a steady throttle and focusing on what's next because the log is no longer an issue.
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