Now that we're over the Winter Solstice Hump, the days are starting to gradually get longer and many motorcyclists across the country and around the globe celebrate the New Year with New Year's Day Motorcycle Rallies! There are events for dirt riders and street riders!

Although, most of these listed events are sponsored by Harley-Davidson Clubs and Christian Clubs, most say that everyone on any bike is invited so, we should assume that this includes Adventists on adventure bikes, Hindus on Hondas, Humanists on Husqvarnas, science-worshippers on Superbikes, Mormons on mopeds, Druids on enduros, Muslims on Monsters, agnostics on Aermacchis, non-believers on Ninjas, Baptists on Bonnevilles, Buddhists on Boulevards, Trekkies on Vulcans, secularists on scooters, Catholics on crotch-rockets, atheists on Ariels, Multi-ethnics on Multi-Stradas, Jewish American Persons on Japanese bikes, WASPs on Vespas, Rastafarians on Rebels, Pastafarians on Piaggios, Pagans on Panigales, Quakers on quads, Unitarians on Urals, Wiccans on Gold Wings, V-Stars of David, Sikhs on Suzukis, and Taoists on Triumphs.

Check out this other blog-post for tips on How to Keep Warm for Winter Motorcycling.

Try not to party it up too much on New Year's Eve and save some energy so that you have all of your wits for one of these New Year's Day events.

The Rogue Valley Polar Bear Ride has several Oregon starting points in Grants Pass, Medford, and Central Point.

WBAB 102.3 FM is hosting the Long Island, NY Cold Finger Run.

Dudley Perkins H-D hosts the Annual New Year's Day Run in San Francisco.

High Plains H-D of Clovis NM invites you to Freeze Your Bippy.

There's a Polar Bear Ride in Portland, OR.

The CMA of Tampa, FL hosts the High Noon Ride.

In Montgomery, AL, they always look forward to the First Ride of the Year.

In Galesville, MD, the CMA invites anyone Who's Got Guts.

River City H-D in Fort Wayne, IN hosts the Polar Bikers Ride.

The South Carolina ABATE hosts the Annual First Ride in Spartanburg.

In Hillsborough, NJ, The Elks Lodge expects everyone to show up with a Hangover.

Z&M H-D host the Polar Bear Ride in Greensburg, PA.

In Little Rock, AR, the ABATE hosts the Three Toes Ride.

The Rocky Mountain Motorcycle Riders Club meets up at BMW Motorcycles of Denver, CO.

There's a Polar Bear Ride in Columbia, TN.

Black Diamond H-D hosts the New Year's Day Ride in Marion, IL.

Barger H-D in Canoga Park, CA hosts the First Ride of the Year.

H-D of Bowling Green, KY hosts the New Years Day Ride.

American Eagle H-D in Corinth, TX puts on the Brass Monkey Ride.

The Jones Creek Trail Riders host the Hangover Scrambles at the Washougal Motocross Park in Washington state.

The Madison, WI MC puts on the New Years Day Poker Run.

The Team Strange Airheads of Minneapolis run the I-Cycle Derby.

The Midwest MC of Indianapolis run the Hangover Rally.

The Central Coast Motorcycle Assn puts on the Hangover Ride in San Luis Obispo, CA.