Looking to gain some momentum coming into Round 3 at Ballance MX in Oakland, KY, John Natalie took to his home track to prepare. Having won this round in 2011 and 2012, John came in hungry for a win. On race day, Mother Nature released a downpour of rain early on but gave way to drier, much more race friendly conditions for the 2nd motos. After struggling in Moto 1, Natalie put all of the pieces together for a big win in Moto 2 and 2nd overall on the day.

Natalie Grabs First Moto Win

MotoSport's John Natalie took the holeshot and the checkered flag in the second of two races on Saturday for the 2013 Mtn. Dew ATV Motocross National Championship at Ballance Moto X in Oakland, KY. Natalie took fifth in Moto 1 and finished second overall behind Chad Wienen who scored with a 1-3 finish. The strong finish bumped Natalie up a spot to sixth place on the season.

Natalie won Ballance in 2012 - his first overall win that season - and this year Ballance once again proves successful as Natalie reaches the podium for the first time this year. Josh Upperman challenged Natalie for most of Moto 2 but eventually settled into second once Natalie held his lines and proved determined to get the win.

Defending ATV MX champ Wienen got breathing room in the standings after leading by only a point in the series over Joel Hetrick after Series 2. Wienen now leads by 12 after Hetrick landed sixth overall at Ballance. Natalie, who finished second for the season last year to Wienen, continues to improve in racing and the standings. He's inched up from 9th to start the season and is now only seven points from fifth place with seven more races to go. Round four is May 11-12 at Wildcat Creek MX in Rossville, IN.

ATV MX Results at Ballance Moto X

1. Chad Wienen

2. John Natalie

3. Thomas Brown

4. Josh Creamer

5. Josh Upperman

6. Joel Hetrick

7. Nick Denoble

8. Casey Martin

9. Adam Clark

10. Jeffrey Rastrelli

Season Points Total:

1. Chad Wienen (131)

2. Joel Hetrick (119)

3. Thomas Brown (114)

4. Josh Creamer (110)

5. Josh Upperman (104)

6. John Natalie (97)

7. Nick Denoble (76)

8. Jeffrey Rastrelli (69)

9. Joe Byrd (61)

10. Casey Martin (52)