The 2014 Top 10 video countdown resumes.

Yesterday we covered the bottom half of the top videos watched on for the year, today we find out which videos landed at #2-5. If you recall, videos #6-10 featured Ronnie Mac, twice, one of which we released just last week. So given enough time, the Ronnie Mac vs. Travis Pastrana vs. Trevor Piranha probably would have creeped into the Top 5.

So what videos made it in the top half of the most viewed for 2014 and what video is #1? As a refresher here's #6-10:

#10. Stewart Boys 2014 Supercross Mix-Up (131,569 views)

#9. Josh Hansen 2014 Supercross Mix-Up (142,347 views)

#8. Brett Cue ALL IN - Florida Georgia Line (159,385 views)

#7. Ronnie Mac vs. Travis Pastrana vs. Trevor Piranha (171,344 views)

#6. Ronnie Mac - Worst GoPro Ever (198,050 views)

Want to know what the most viewed video of 2014 was? Visit tomorrow but for now check out #2-5 of the most watched MotoSport videos of 2014. 2014 Top 10 Videos of the Year

#5. Inside Look: MX vs. ATV Supercross (235,314 views)

We checked in with the guys from Big Bang Entertainment to see their progress on the highly anticipated new MX vs. ATV Supercross game. Scheduled for release on September 9th, the game will feature 17 new supercross tracks as well as new bikes, gear and even more downloadable content in the future. Join us, as the game developers give an inside look at the updates and improvements they are making on newest addition to the MX vs. ATV franchise.

#4. Ronnie Mac Goes to Jail (364,775 views)

Ron's in jail, sorry no visitation.

#3. MX vs ATV - Canard and Brown (667,159 views)

Ever wonder what would happen if MX and ATV pros squared off head to head? We wanted to find out so we invited Trey Canard and Thomas Brown duke it out against each other. Check it out as Trey and Thomas face off on Trey's practice track in Oklahoma.

#2. Ronnie Mac "Go Ron Go" (726,089 views)

Ron is back!

Written By: AndrewT