If you are looking to step up your whip game then you have come to the right place. In this episode of the MotoSport How To series, Jimmy Decotis "The Rippa" dives into detail at Tom Parson's playground to overview ramp and dirt face whip technique, while on location for the making of Moto 5 The Movie.

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My name is Jimmy D. I'm out here at Tom Parsons shooting a little segment for the Moto 5. I'm going teach you and try and show you here how to whip it off a free style ramp.

You just got to come up and kind of lean into it. I know Hanson knows what he's doing because he did it at the X-Games. You just got to sit down and lean into it. If you watch Tom P., he almost gets... I can't get underneath the bike. I almost get sideways, but Tom gets underneath his bike.

When you can start doing that, that's when the whip is perfected. We'll show some of me doing alright. Probably on a 1 to 10, it'll probably be a 4, and then you'll see Tom P. with a 10.

Steps to Throwing a Whip on the Freestyle Ramp:

  1. Hit the jump first, straight and make it. Freestyle ramps can be deceiving, and I think the first one I hit today I over jumped it by about 20 feet.
  2. Hit them even slower than you think.
  3. On a 450, float it into it, and then at the last second give it some gas to get over.

I lean mostly just trying to turn the bar to bring you - use the bar to bring you out and back. You stop them then bring them back in. I think it is the bars, a lot leaning. Also your legs, you got to pull the bike while you throw the bars at the same time.

So, it's just different, it's all kind of different how you whip it. It's preference. Some people use their legs more. Some people use their arms. Some people slide it off the face. Some people can't, they do it in the air. It's just all different styles, and I think just getting comfortable with your style and learning to just float it out there is when you'll start getting better whips.

For the dirt jumps, it's a little bit different technique to dirt jumping. It's not a freestyle ramp - you can just sit into it - where the dirt jumps you have to get ready for it and almost stand up into the face and kind of work your bike more.

I think I can do dirt jumps better just from always riding dirt and just play-riding a lot. I'm not that comfortable on the freestyle ramps, but in the dirt, when I have a nice rut, and there's a there's a good rut in it, you can just kind of just let the bike, whatever angle the jump goes right or left, you just let the bike flow with it. The more that you float it, the more you'll start getting comfortable as you come off the dirt.

Steps to Throwing a Whip on a Dirt Ramp:

  1. Pull your front end up, so you can get the whole whip around, where as if you just do it sideways, it doesn't look as good.
  2. Make sure the dirt ramp has a steep face, you can throw it and get underneath it. If I'm going to go to the right, whip my back into the right, I throw the bars to the left, so then the whole bike goes right and then you just kind of let your body flow with it.
  3. At the last second, turn your bars the other way to bring it back down straight. So, it's more of just being in the back of the bike, and then throwing the bike. You just got to be comfortable enough to throw your bike and let it flow and not try and stay above it. You've got to go underneath it a little bit.
  4. So, that's the biggest thing is getting in there standing up, using your legs, and just turning your bars and tossing it to the side.

I think to get better, to progressively get better at whips, you've just got to do them. You've got to start small. If it's your first time trying to do a whip, I wouldn't come out here to Tom P's and hit this double, but you just got to start small, and the bigger the jump the easier it is to whip, obviously you got more air time.

So, it's just kind of being confident in your bike, and I would just say work up to it. Don't go and jump something like this one off the bat. You've got to start little and just kind of throwing the bike more and more off the face. Not too much, where you get cocky with it and if you just do it normal and just every time the more and more you get comfortable with it, it's all about throwing it on the face. So, once people can start to throw it on the face, then you'll become a better whipper.