Hi everyone! Once again I am writing to you this Wednesday in hopes that your past week has been great! Our summer is winding down to only a few more weeks (if we are lucky), anyway enjoy it while it lasts!

This summer we have only 3 more rounds of the AMA Motocross Nationals, as well as a few more local races that wrap up the summer. I will be pretty busy with both, national and local races the rest of this year. I plan on attending the last round of the AMA Nationals at Pala Raceways in Southern California, as well as participating in some of the local races we have going on up here in the Pacific NW. At the end of the month I will be riding the Top Gun Team Shootout for the MotoSport Team, as well as racing the Thursday Night Breast Cancer Awareness race in September.

So for now I am trying to get as much seat time as I possibly can for the upcoming races happening within the next 3 weeks. I have been lucky enough to get back on the bike a few times since having a wreck a couple of weeks ago that left me with a mild concussion. The time off has been refreshing; my body is back to 100% and everything is working really well right now. I hope to keep this ball rolling!

I have said it before and I'll say it again, it's been amazing to get the support from MotoSport.com and all of the people from MotoSport Hillsboro that have helped with bikes and getting me to and from these big races. It's also a great thing to have support from family members. I know I am extremely blessed to have people in my life, including all of my family members that support me and help coach me to be the best I can be. Whether it be from a corporate sponsor, local shop, trainer, or just your parents, having someone to back you up and help you out makes this sport even more amazing!

I am truly humbled to experience help and support from others in these hard economic times. Even when the economy isn't going through rough spots, the sport we all love so much is still pretty spendy. The cool thing is seeing the generosity of our sponsors and race promoters. They spend countless hours and a lot of green to put on various races, operate tracks, and make everything just right so when we pull in at the track we have the right equipment and the best possible day riding. Without them, our sport would certainly not be what it is today. So hats off to MotoSport.com for your support and helping to grow this sport into what it is.

Remember, you don't need to be pitted at the factory semi to be successful. Build quality relationships with quality people in and out of the industry. Don't be afraid to take their advice and like my parents often say, "be teachable." I totally believe that in doing this you will be building a firm foundation that will help propel you to the next level. Just remember to have fun with it and always thank those who help and support you along the way.

Get out there and enjoy it! Have a great week guys.

Jessie #53