Hey everyone! Hoping you all had a fantastic week, and that you are all enjoying these precious last weeks of summer! This past week for me has been great! The sun shine and the heat are my favorite things about the summers here in Washington and I finally got out of my "weekly routine" and was able to enjoy the great outdoors!

Last Thursday I raced PIR once again and had a really great night with it! I was able to grab both holeshots and moto wins, as well as walk away safe and healthy. On Saturday I went to Riverdale Raceways to work on an upcoming project with a friend. The project is a short film of NW riders and I will be featured in it, so stay tuned for that coming out very soon! After I got home from riding, my brother and I went kayaking for the first time! It was awesome; definitely a great core and shoulder work out for anyone, as well as a very relaxing experience. So after a long day on Saturday I went to bed early and got rested up for Sunday. I think on Sunday it was 90 or 91 degrees out? But anyway, it was HOT. From 3 in the afternoon until 9 at night I was playing volleyball on a grass court. VB has to be one of my favorite sports, and there was a big volleyball meet with friends from our church, so it was a great chance to get outside and sweat a little and enjoy the hot day.

So basically that's what I did over the weekend and the last two days I have just been working out and getting ready for the crazy up and coming weeks. Two weeks from now I will be racing on MotoSport's team "A" for the Top Gun Team shoot out. If you are unfamiliar with the Top Gun Team Shootout that takes place at Washougal MX Park in Washougal, Washington, it is probably the most anticipated race of the year for many people. It is the closest thing compared to an amateur national up here, and for many families it is the largest race they will ever be part of. The idea of the race is spelled out in its name, a team shoot out. You might be wondering how it works exactly? It's simple. You are on a team with other riders, where each team has a rider for each class (or multiple riders in a class). The better you place in each moto, the more points you make for your team. The points are tallied up and the team with the most points wins the overall. Teams can be made from really anyone. You have a limit to riders for each team, so some teams have different levels of teams, for example, A Team, B Team, and C Team are all branches of one team.

This race is really cool because it places the riders of the team on an equal playing field and allows everyone to feel the respect and worth of belonging on the team. Everyone matters, from the "pee-wees" to the "over the hillers" (sorry Daddy), no matter what class you race, or how fast you are. You just have to ride hard and place well for your team. In the past years some teams have won or lost an overall position by only a few points, so each point counts in this race. At the end of the weekend, after a three moto format the points get counted up and the winning team will be presented with the prestigious "Top Gun" billet trophy. This is the ultimate bragging right for the dealers and managers of teams. So there you have it. Top Gun takes place September 2nd through the 5th, so if you do want to race that weekend but aren't sure what to do, check out www.PacificRacingMX.com and find a team to ride for!

The day after the race is over, Tuesday, I will be driving down to Southern California to compete in the last AMA National at Pala Raceways. I am extremely excited for this race because I am looking forward to next year! I know that sounds a little backwards, but this race is technically the last race for the WMX season. The women do not participate in Supercross, so the next race is in May at Hangtown. I am just really excited for next year and it's going to be amazing to be involved with MotoSport.com for the whole 2012 season! I'll definitely keep you guys posted on how Pala goes though!

After Pala I have to get back home in time to Race For the Cure. The race is September 15th at Portland International Raceways (PIR) and this is the second year the race will be put on. Kellie, with Moxie MX, has done a tremendous job promoting breast cancer awareness in our sport. Being a survivor herself, she has poured her heart and soul into getting this race up and going and all of the money that night is donated to the Susan G. Komen foundation to fight breast cancer.

It is a really great night for everyone to come out and participate in a bigger picture and also to see a lot of pink! Another great thing is that all the women racing in the women's class that night will get their entries paid for! So if you're a gal and you race, or just ride for fun come out and support the cause! It would be amazing to see tons of ladies riding! So that's what's going on with me and the moto scene here in SW Washington. Don't forget to say "Hi" if you see me at the track.

-Jessie #53