Hey everyone, I hope you are all enjoying the holidays and all the food that comes along with it! Its been a while since I last wrote a blog, so I will have to get you all caught up on whats been happening around here.

Its kinda funny how lately things in my own life have changed up a bit, and due to all the changes as well as the craziness of the holiday season I have been really, really busy! So lets just go back to my last blog, where I talked about the amazing trip I took with my family to Mexico. When I got back, I hadn't been on the bike in over 2 months, and when I got back from Mexico I was more then ready to get back to riding. Before the weather got to bitterly cold, we went over to Eastern Washington to one of my favorite tracks, Horn Rapids Motocross Complex. That was the first ride on a brand new 2012 kx 250f, as well as the first time I wore the new 2012 ONE gear.I love how comfortable the ONE Industries gear is and I pretty much have fallen in love with my new bike as well as falling in love all over again with riding! Its a really important thing to remember why we are riding and putting so much work and time into something and not realizing why, is something we all have done. Its not that I stopped "loving to ride," its just that I had been working so hard the last summer and with all the traveling, it just got overwhelming.

So I switched up a few things with my riding program for the off season as well. Instead of just showing up to a track where everyone is at and "racing" with everyone in practice, I have kept to my self for the most part. I do ride with other people, but its nice to not have to deal with other people and the stress of trying to look fast to others watching you. When I ride, I just try to focus on me correcting the mistakes I make, as well as the bad habits I have when it comes to riding. I do enjoy riding with other people, and of course racing! But right now its just nice to go out and ride with no stress up comparing speed with anyone and just focusing on racing the track and conquering my own goals!

We have also been riding different types of tracks. Right now its indoor season, so areanacross is popular because its dry indoors, when its went outdoors. I have been riding indoors every week then if the weather is somewhat decent I go ride trails or g.p tracks. I haven't ridden a track that doesn't have mud on it since I raced Pala. The third time I got to ride my new bike I went up to Riverdale Raceways and rode in the pouring rain and hail lol I really wanted to ride that weekend and there was no where else to ride at, so we went up to Riverdale and just had a fun day riding in the mud. And the track actually turned out pretty good towards the end of the day.

So with that being said, I am very very glad I took some time off from the bike, because now I am having more fun then every before! I also got some really exciting news from Scott Parkinson with PanicRev Ministries a few weeks ago. This year I will be participating in the PanicRev Christmas Motocross Camp as a riding instructor!

This is an opportunity of a lifetime to train with some of the top Christian athletes in the sport of motocross! The camp is designed to help give riders a solid spiritual, physical, and technical foundation. Moreover, the camp is designed for riders of all ages and skill levels that are looking to take their skills on the racetrack to a new level! The camp will feature daily chapel services and prayer, in addition to going over conditioning, corners, jumping, starts, riding position, technique and much more. I plan on covering the camp more as it approaches, as well as covering each day down there with pictures, and interviews.I leave for the camp December 17th and hopefully will get to enjoy some sunshine:) But whether there is sunshine or not its gonna be a really exciting experience and I'm glad to be apart of it for sure!

But in the mean time i hope you all enjoy the hustle bustle of the holidays and the company of family and friends! I think this time of year is when moto means the littlest in my life, (mainly because there is no way i enjoy riding in the freezing rain and snow) but in all seriousness, enjoy getting to lay back and amped up on the upcoming supercross season!!

Everyone stay warm and safe!