When considering improvements to your motorcycle for performance, weight savings or even style the one upgrade that covers all three is the wheels.

Custom wheels like those from Marchesini not only look cool and give you a classic, personalized look but they cut weight by as much as 40 percent over stock and roll inertia by 35 percent. Additionally, weight distribution in each wheel affects how the rim responds to speed, entering and exiting turns and even stopping. Therefore, a lighter wheel means better overall performance.

So how does this work? Inertia.

Inertia is the resistance of any physical object to any change in its state of motion which includes speed, direction or state of rest. Imagine the difference you'd feel running with two 10 pound ankle weights, then ripping them off and immediately shedding those pounds. You'll be faster, have better pick-up, use less energy and feel much more agile.

Same goes for your motorcycle.

A lighter rim is a better functioning wheel that improves the overall ride on your motorcycle. You'll experience the difference immediately just like dropping the two 20 pound weights while running. Not only is the bike literally lighter which reduces the unsprung weight of your ride, but lighter rims improve acceleration, braking, cornering and suspension performance resulting in a motorcycle that is not only quicker, but more nimble as well. And don't let the lighter weight fool you. Despite the pound shedding, manufacturers use advanced materials like aluminum or carbon resulting in a much stronger wheel.

In short, upgrading to custom motorcycle wheels provides:

  • Significant weight loss over stock
  • Improves handling
  • Reduces rotational mass
  • Positively affects acceleration, stopping and top speed

Make a statement! Whether you ride track, cruise to work or take long excursions on the weekend drop those heavy anchors for sleeker, lighter rims and enjoy a more thorough riding experience - the way piloting a motorcycle should be.

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Written By: AndrewT