If you watched Round 1 of Motocross you might have noticed some pretty cool looking Motocross helmets. Those are indeed the 2014 line of helmets from your favorite manufacturers, worn by your favorite riders, and MotoSport carries them.

If you're blazing around the MX track with a helmet five years or older it's time to get a replacement. New helmets have the latest technology and newest safety features that lids just a few years old don't have. Shoei recommends replacing your current helmet even if just one of the following points applies:

  • The helmet was subjected to an impact.
  • The comfort padding or the retention system has become loose due to heavy use or display signs of deterioration.
  • The synthetic foam padding displays signs of heavy use and the helmet feels too loose. Test: with the retention system fastened, the helmet turns to the side when you gently shake your head.
  • There are indentations in the EPS liner and/or white scratches can be seen on surfaces with black paint.

Don't worry about cost when looking for a helmet. The best helmet is of course a minimum of DOT approved but whatever helmet fits you comfortably, doesn't hamper your riding and won't fall off in the event of a crash is the BEST helmet for you. For more information on Motocross helmets and DOT and SNELL certifications, please see our Dirt Bike Helmet Buyer's Guide.

All 2014 Motocross helmets are available and ready to ship. Check out the selections below. We've made it easier to choose by listing the 2014 MX helmet line from high to low in price.

6D Chaos

2014 6D MX Helmet

6D Helmets ATR-1 Helmet - Chaos

Price: $745.00


  • Omni-Directional Suspension Technology
  • Air-Gap Technology
  • Shell is made from a proprietary woven blend of advanced aerospace carbon fiber, composite fiberglass, and Kevlar
  • Exceeds ECE and DOT standards

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Arai Nitrous

2014 Arai MX Helmet

Arai VXPRO3 Helmet - Nitrous

Price: $620.99


  • Shell utilizes Arai's proprietary aerospace fiberglass technology
  • Redesigned with an additional 11 mm of forward tilt in the upper chinbar nose area
  • The PRO3 is the first dirt helmet with the diffuser ventilation system
  • DOT and SNELL M2010 Certified

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Shoei Barcia

2014 Shoei MX Helmet

Shoei VFX-W Helmet - Barcia

Price: $589.99


  • Proprietary AIM+ technology combines fiberglass with organic fibers that are so strong that they can only be cut with a laser
  • Dual-Layer EPS Liner
  • Emergency Quick Release System
  • DOT-218 and Snell M2005 approved

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Airoh Captain

2014 Airoh MX Helmet

Airoh Aviator 2.1 Helmet - Captain

Price: $557.99


  • Three-size multi-axial carbon and Kevlar composite fiber external shell
  • Airoh Emergency System accessories kit
  • 980 grams
  • ECE and DOT certified

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Bell Pinned

2014 Bell MX Helmet

Bell Moto-9 Carbon Helmet - Pinned

Price: $549.99


  • Full carbon fiber shell
  • Fully ventilated EPS-lined chinbar
  • Magnefusion Emergency Release System (MERS) allows for easy helmet removal in emergency situations
  • DOT and Snell M2010 certified

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Fox Carbon Reveal

2014 Fox MX Helmet

Fox Racing 2014 V4 Helmet - Carbon Reveal

Price: $549.99


  • Complete carbon fiber shell construction
  • Four shell sizes and 4 EPS sizes for a precise fit
  • Sixteen intake scoops and 8 exhaust for unmatched airflow
  • Exceeds Snell M2010 and DOT standards

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Seven Supra

2014 Seven MX Helmet

Seven 2014 SE3 Helmet - Supra

Price: $495.00


  • Hand laid pre-preg carbon/composite shell with Kevlar reinforcement in high impact zones
  • Corrosion-resistant titanium D-rings for superior strength and weight reduction
  • Dual-density EPS liner
  • Exceeds SNELL M2010 and DOT standards

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Troy Lee Designs Pinstripe

2014 Troy Lee Designs MX Helmet

Troy Lee Designs 2014 SE3 Helmet - Pinstripe

Price: $440.77


  • Advanced aerospace carbon composite shell construction
  • Dual density Shock Pad System
  • Quick-release cheek pads for aid in emergency helmet removal
  • Meets SNELL M2010 and DOT safety standards

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One Industries Raven

2014 One Industries MX Helmet

One Industries 2014 Gamma Helmet With MIPS - Raven

Price: $400.00


  • Constructed from a pre-preg, reinforced fiberglass shell
  • Superior impact protection with progressive energy absorbing dual-density inserts
  • Plush comfort with moisture management liner
  • Meets or exceeds ECE 22.05 and DOT standards

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Thor Boxed

2014 Thor MX Helmet

Thor 2014 Verge Helmet - Boxed

Price: $324.95


  • Hand laid composite Fiberglass / Kevlar construction
  • Increased liner and EPS ventilation for maximum airflow
  • Front intake port and rear exhaust vents provide optimal air circulation and venting
  • DOT and ECE 22.05 approved

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Scorpion Quartz

2014 Scorpion MX Helmet

Scorpion VX-R70 Quartz Helmet

Price: $269.99


  • Proprietary 5-layer blend of interlaced and specially formulated fiberglass, Aramid and organic poly-resin fibers
  • Advanced multi-layer EPS
  • Inflatable cheek pad system
  • Meets or Exceeds ECE 22.05 and DOT

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Fly Dubstep

2014 Fly MX Helmet

Fly 2014 F2 Carbon Helmet - Dubstep

Price: $269.99


  • Constructed using state-of-the-art, aircraft grade woven carbon fiber and Kevlar composite materials
  • Flow-through EPS and comfort liner air system
  • Multi-port air induction cooling system
  • SNELL M2010, DOT approved

Remember, the right helmet is the one that fits you best. The coolest, flashiest and most expensive won't do you any good if it hinders your riding, takes the joy out of riding or falls off because it doesn't fit right. Always wear a helmet when riding even at slow speeds.

Check out our our Motocross Helmets page for additional selections.

Written By: AndrewT