Under cloudy skies for most of the weekend, the inaugural Jesse Masterpool Invitational kicked off at Glen Helen featuring major track renovations that provided a new, challenging layout with an emphasis on safety and visibility. On Sunday, the weather gave way to partly sunny skies and perfect racing conditions, a fitting tribute to 956 himself.
  The 956 Invitational was developed to provide the ultimate platform for the World's top amateurs to showcase their talents against the best of the best. With close to 25 years of amateur racing experience and 15 years of working on the front lines of American Suzuki and Kawasaki's Team Green amateur race programs, Cole Gress has managed the World's best young athletes and helped mold the World's greatest Amateur events. Partnered with Jerry Masterpool, 30 plus years experience in professional multi-sport, Olympic coach, training all over the world, Japan, Asia, Europe, Eastern block countries as well as his home in America. Jerry has spent the last 15 years engrossed in the world of amateur motocross and has built tracks and trained some of the elite amateur and pro racers. Combine his vast experience in the highly competitive world of Alpine racing and motocross with his deep passion for building a safe and ultra competitive amateur race course yields a revolutionary event. Through the passing of Jesse, his oldest son, brought the MX community together, this event is about bringing community together. www.spirit956.com