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Best chain lube for dirt bikes and ATVs

Best Chain Lube for Dirt Bikes and ATVs

A well lubricated chain makes for an outstanding ride day and also extends the life of the chain and sprockets. But well-lubricated means more than an adequate coating. You may have heard through backyard stories or perhaps have one yourself of...

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What is a hot start on a dirt bike?

What Is a Hot Start?

Nothing raises the ire faster of a rider than a dirt bike that refuses to start after a mid-moto crash or stall. That's actually the genesis of a number of new swear words you hear on the track today. Thanks to the modern adaptation of fuel...

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Tips on knowing when it's time to change a dirt bike tire

When To Replace Dirt Bike Tires

If you're like every red blooded American who doesn't work for the government you probably pinch pennies, look for ways to save some dimes and make your dollar stretch as far as possible, and not just on personal income either....

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Comparing mousse, inner tubes and tubliss

Pros and Cons: Heavy Duty Tubes vs. TUbliss vs. Mousse

The flat tire. A dreaded inconvenience, at best; the end of your Moto, at worst. It happens. Less so on a Motocross or Supercross track though it's not out of the ordinary. Usually, the enduro or off road rider encounters...

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Tips to effectively placing a dirt bike on a dirt bike stand

How To Put a Dirt Bike On a Stand

Training and hitting the weights to get in shape for riding Motocross does not include hoisting your 200 pound-plus dirt bike onto a stand solely using muscle and grit. There's a better way and several methods exist....

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Tips for fixing throttle isses on a dirt bike

How To Fix Dirt Bike Throttle Problems

Learning throttle control on your dirt bike is one of the trickiest parts to successful riding whether you're on the track or trail. Combine that with the clutch and brake system you see why it takes long hours and hard work to just finish a race....

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How to tighten a dirt bike chain

How To Tighten a Dirt Bike Chain

A broken chain can ruin your whole day. Your best outcome to breaking the drive chain on your dirt bike is, well, a broken chain. The worst? How about a damaged crankcase. Or how about the chain whipping you in the back as you blaze down the...

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Rain gear guide for riding dirt bikes

Motocross Rain Gear Buyers Guide

In the winter, the sweet pitch of braaaaap can slowly change to the teeth chattering sound of burrrrrr. A bad day of dirt bike riding is always better than your best day at work, right? But when it's cold to the point of pain and you can barely...

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125 cc dirt bikes racing on a motocross track

How Fast Does a 125 cc Dirt Bike Go?

If the pros ride it, then I'll ride it. Fun to dream, but not always the best followed advice especially when it comes to choosing a dirt bike. But a 450 dirt bike sounds so much gnarlier than putting around on a 125cc dirt bike. Or is it?...

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How to change a dirt bike tire

How To Change A Dirt Bike Tire

Riding dirt bikes is an expensive hobby. You've got the cost of the bike and unless your backyard is connected to a trail system or the open desert you'll need to transport your bike to the appropriate place to ride. Did we mention maintenance?...

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