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2-Stroke Racing: Maintenance Checklist

It may not seem like it, but spring resides just around the corner and that means the Motocross racing season looms large. Thanks to the resurgence of the 2-stroke revolution, more and more riders have stopped with all the nostalgia and simply...

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Mechanic installing muffler on dirt bike

Dirt Bike Exhaust - Does an Upgrade Help?

One of the top upgrades many dirt biker riders get shortly after taking their new ride home comes in the form of a new aftermarket exhaust system. Even though the stock exhaust works completely fine. This results in one of the most common...

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Bad Clutch Symptoms on a Dirt Bike

Most parts on a dirt bike have manufacturer's recommended intervals in terms of when to replace so you ensure uninterrupted optimum performance. The clutch, however, varies widely and no set timetable exists giving you an idea of when to change...

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What to do if Your Motorcycle Breaks Down

Poor guy. You have probably uttered those words on occasion or two when riding or driving past a broken down motorist, stranded on the side of the road, probably clinging to their cell phone and with little hope of getting underway anytime soon....

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MotoSport's Best Blogs 2019

177 blogs. Quite possibly a record for blog production in one year by MotoSport. For a time, we posted daily. Every. Single. Day. Except on weekends. Thankfully we ended that unsustainable pattern as the output did not seem to resonate with you...

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Riding a Dirt Bike in Your Comfort Zone

Riding out of your comfort zone usually results in two outcomes. You either get better or end up in the dirt. To effectively operate a dirt bike you need some finesse, lots of patience and a bit of timing. Like anything worth pursuing, you won't...

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Used Motorcycle Helmets: Safe or Sorry?

Buying used items comes with many advantages including, in some cases, significant cost savings. A used motorcycle, for example, offers a great way to introduce a beginning rider to the road on two-wheels or check off the dream bike box for the...

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Wearing Glasses While Dirt Bike Riding

I can't see! A big problem when riding dirt bikes. According to the Vision Council of America, nearly three-quarters of adults wear some form of eyewear for better vision and Vision Monday indicates 25 percent of children use corrective...

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Best Dirt Bike Jackets

Many dirt bikes retire to the garage when winter weather hits but those who don't let the cold get in the way of their passion simply brave the elements and enjoy the ride. But they cheat, in a way you could say, because just as most people...

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Dirt bike rider on Motocross track

Best Exercises to Improve Your Dirt Bike Riding Fitness

You can ride a dirt bike or you can ride a dirt bike. The difference depends on your level of fitness and desire to experience everything a dirt bike offers. With minimal effort, just about anyone can ride a dirt bike which requires little else...

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