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Bazzaz Z-FI TC Fuel Control With Self Mapping And K&N Filter
Bazzaz Z-FI TC Fuel Control With Self Mapping And K&N Filter

$1143.00 - $1219.00
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  • Description

  • Air Filter
    Product Variant Manufacturer Part #
    Aprilia AL-1004, AL-1010, AL-1010R
    BMW BM-1010, BM-1204, BM-1205, BM-1010R
    Ducati DU-1007, DU-1112, DU-6908, DU-9001, DU-1007R, DU-1112R
    Harley Davidson HD-1102, HD-1508
    Harley Davidson Screamin' Eagle HD-0818
    Honda HA-1004, HA-1008, HA-1110, HA-1302, HA-6003, HA-6007, HA-9502, HA-1009, HA-1301, HA-1313, HA-2511, HA-5013, HA-1004R, HA-1008R, HA-6007R
    KTM KT-1108, KT-1113
    Kawasaki KA-1003, KA-1004, KA-1008, KA-1010, KA-1011, KA-1406, KA-1709, KA-2508, KA-6005, KA-6009, KA-9006, KA-1111, KA-6007, KA-6512, KA-1412, KA-1008R, KA-6007R, KA-6009R, KA-1011R, KA-1016R, KA-1412R
    Standard HA-6414, KT-1211, SU-6006, YA-3215, YA-6814, SU-9915, KA-1016
    Suzuki SU-1005, SU-1009, SU-1308, SU-1399, SU-1806, SU-7506, SU-6503, SU-7511, SU-1348, SU-6509, SU-1017, SU-1005R, SU-1009R, SU-7506R, SU-7511R, SU-1308R, SU-1017R
    Triumph TB-1005, TB-1011, TB-6706, TB-6713, TB-8011
    Yamaha YA-1007, YA-6006, YA-1004, YA-1006, YA-1009, YA-1709, YA-6004, YA-6008, YA-1210, YA-8514, YA-1015, YA-1009R, YA-6008R, YA-1015R
    Auto Tune
    Product Variant Manufacturer Part #
    Bazzaz Z-FI TC Fuel Control With Self Mapping And K&N Filter ZAFM49
    Fuel Control
    Product Variant Manufacturer Part #
    ABS T191
    Bazzaz Z-FI TC Fuel Control With Self Mapping And K&N Filter T141, T140, T144, T540, T1540, T142, T146, T6412, T390, T391, T392, T349, T3410, T341, T344, T343, T340, T348, T347, T342, T450, T120, T446, T1580, T1591, T190, T192, T193, T194, T350, T351, T393, T440, T441, T442, T444, T445, T447, T448, T449, T490, T541, T542, T543, T620, T640, T641, T644, T645, T646, T647, T648, T690, T720, T740, T742, T743, T744, T745, T781, T790, T791, T792, T940, T990, T1050, T1081, T4410, T4411, T4412, T6410, T6411, T1542, T422, T346, T121, T149, T195, T592, T492, T793, T746, T747, T1590, T421, T794, T691, T251, T252, T3411, T3412, T4414, T545, T692, T795, T4418, T493, T649, T6413, T547, T7411
    Non-Abs T196

California Proposition 65

WARNING: This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer, and birth defects or other reproductive harm. Wash hands after handling. For more information, go to