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Being the Best

In 1953, Yamaha, under the guidance of Genichi Kawakami, Yamaha Motor's first president, began a trial manufacture of motorcycle engines. Venturing a little late into the motorcycle world, Kawakami said, "If you are going to make it, make it the very best there is." In August 1954, the YA-1, Yamaha's first motorcycle was finished and immediately put through a 10,000 km endurance ride. It passed and Yamaha was a force to be reckoned.

Today, Yamaha's line of sport bikes, cruisers, off-road and race motorcycles is exhaustive. In 1958 Yamaha was the first Japanese maker to compete in international racing, finishing a respectable 6th in the Catalina Grand Prix race. The DT-1, considered Yamaha's first off-road motorcycle debuted in 1968 and the company's 20 millionth bike was born in 1982.

Over the years, Yamaha pushed growth and diversified its product line to include snowmobiles, generators, scooters and, of course, ATVs.

Yamaha ATV

In 1980, Yamaha introduced the Tri-Moto (YT125) their first three-wheeled ATV to be sold in the United States. In 1984, Yamaha sold their first four-wheeled ATV, the YFM200, in the United States. The Grizzly 600, a 4x4 ATV with automatic transmission found the trails in 1998. Yamaha manufactured the first ATV with camouflage bodywork in 2000 with the Buckmaster Edition Big Bear 400 4x4.

Yamaha ATV Parts

Kawakami's motto to be the best certainly applies to every facet of the ATV. If the whole is equal to the sum of its parts then it makes sense that every Yamaha part is made to be the very best. You can't make the best ATVs if you don't have the best parts.

So why compromise? Genuine OEM Yamaha ATV parts keep your ride 100 percent Yamaha. MotoSport carries an abundance of Yamaha ATV parts including 1980's YT125, the Grizzly line, and their newest model the Raptor. Keeping your Yamaha ATV running its best on the dunes and trails takes quality parts - and some of the best come direct from the factory.

Our Yamaha ATV parts come direct from the factory to keep your ride in stock form and quality. OEM Yamaha ATV parts will provide the stock look and perfect fit every time. At MotoSport you'll be able to find the Yamaha ATV parts you need. So, next time you take your ATV past the limits, check out our Yamaha OEM parts.

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