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MSR 2017 Youth Axxis Pants MSR 2017 Youth Axxis Pants Scitscat - Sarasota, FL, USA Great for tiny riders. "My son is 2 1/2 and weighs 31lbs and is 36” tall. A friend recommended MSR brand because they fit small riders the best. While we haven’t tried any other brand of pants I have seen toddlers in other brands that have a wider fit. The MSR pants are great for us. He’s never complained about them being uncomfortable. The styles are cute too. We are currently in a size 18 and they fit perfectly in the waist. I have the bottoms cuffed up once. I just bought 2 more pair in a size 20, so we have something to grow into."
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MSR 2017 Youth Axxis Pants MSR 2017 Youth Axxis Pants Mauricio - Sarasota, FL Good purchase for toddler "I purchased the 16inch size for my two-year-old. He just started riding his balance bike and I thought this pants would be appropriate for it. He enjoys them but I quickly realized that even though length wise this pants are great, around the waist they are too tight. However, I would recommend this to others looking for small size pants for your kids. His pants tore around the leg on the 2nd use. Not sure if it was something my two-year-old did while wearing them or just poor durability. In either case, I can't rate this pants more than average on that category for that reason."
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