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Leatt Fusion 3.0 Vest

Leatt Fusion 3.0 Vest

brembe621 - New York Works better than expected "I purchased this Fusion vest to try something new as in previous years I used a neck brace on top of my chest protector as most people do. I found that the neck brace seemed to want to move independently from the chest protector. However when I put the Fusion vest on and took the bike out for woods practice it was like wearing nothing. Even ducking the head to go under a downed tree had no interference with the neck brace and helmet. Then when I hopped on the quad to throw down some laps, the vest flexed and moved with my body and was like it wasn't even there. The Fusion vest even allows me to wear my camel-back under the plate without restrictions."
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Leatt 5.5 Pro Chest Protector

Leatt 5.5 Pro Chest Protector

Max Kaufman - Denver, CO Comfortable and durable "I compared this to my buddy's fox roost protector and this definitely offers superior offroad protection. This is a must if you run harescrambles, cross country races, or just ride trails. Nobody likes getting impaled! (go with black, it just looks better)"
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