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Mika Metals Pro Series Oversized Handlebars Mika Metals Pro Series Oversized Handlebars joeyz23 - Hesperia, CA, USA Best Bars!! "Have crashed multiple times with these bars and still no bend which is perfect saves more $$ and the Reed bend is perfect for 5'11 guys!"
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Fasst Company Anti-Vibration Inserts Fasst Company Anti-Vibration Inserts ride200mi - Sedona, AZ These work really well!! "Installed these on my 2015 Husqvarna TE 300. This year of 2 stroke vibrates enough that I was having tingling in my finger tips. 2016 updated the 300 with counter balancers. So I found these and found that they pretty much eliminated all vibration in the stock handle bars. Let a couple of friends that have a 2016/17 TE 300ride my bike and they said it works better than the stock 2017. Side note, to get the rubber O ring to stay placed on the brass piece, apply a small amount of grease to the inside of the handle bar and the O ring with not roll and come out of the grove on the brass piece. Again, well worth the money!!!"
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