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BikeMaster Fuel Filter BikeMaster Fuel Filter Bcs36 Junk "Rubber seal swole and started leaking. Tried to screw it tighter and it just stripped the plastic threads. Don’t buy."
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Bazzaz Z-FI MX Fuel Management System Bazzaz Z-FI MX Fuel Management System jbennington - Blythewood, South Carolina Adapted wiring harness to a 2017 CRF250L "Took a chance of adapting this to my 2017 CRF250L. Bazzaz support was kind enough to email wiring schematic with pinouts for all connectors. Took 10 hours to do the routing and modifications of the harness. The power port on the 2013 through 2016 is at the front of the bike. The 2017 power is at the rear fender. Had to cut open the wiring harness to make everything work. Also have the Z-AFM. A "must have" in my opinion. The difference of the wire routing of the stock harness would not allow me to place the Z-AFM booster module where I wanted. Have it velcroed on the rear fender behind the seat. The map jumper is accessed by popping the back of the left rear rear side panel loose. Existing mods to the bike.11:1 Wiseco piston, FMF Powerbomb header with Powercore muffler, K&N filter and air box top cut out as far as possible."
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