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EVS Youth Revo 4 Protector EVS Youth Revo 4 Protector Tana - Very Durable "Very Durable and fits well."
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EVS SB04 Shoulder Brace EVS SB04 Shoulder Brace 2smoker105 - Annapolis, MD, USA So far so good "I am coming off shoulder surgery from a bad crash, so I wanted to give a little bit extra protection to the shoulder. I’ve only ridden a few times with it but so far the brace has definitely helped. My shoulder feel great after a day of riding and it is definitely a little less about reinjuring it. It is pretty comfortable, couldn’t really tell I was wearing it when I was riding. It is pretty bulky, so it definitely stands out under your jersey, but it gets the job done. Would definitely recommend to anyone who is looking for a little but extra shoulder protection for whatever reason"
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