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Bolt Honda CR/CRF Pro-Pack Bolt Honda CR/CRF Pro-Pack FifthPinned778 - Elyria, OH Great Kit for 2013 and Older. "Purchased this kit last season for my 07 CR125R and 2014 CRF250R. Great kit for sure, everything fit like a glove. Only thing that caught me off guard was that the kit says "2000-Current", so I assumed that since I bought it in 2017 it would have shroud bolts that would fit my 2014 CRF250R... I was sadly mistaken and was still stuck paying nearly $2 per shroud bolt. Other than that this kit has been my savior at the track and in the garage."
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Bolt M6 Nylon Push Rivets Bolt M6 Nylon Push Rivets dhazardous - Portland, OR Must Have "Handy to have a couple of boxes of these in your toolbox, you never know if one might break!"
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